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Plane makes emergency landing at GRR after damage

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — An American Airlines plane made an emergency landing after damage inside the cabin Monday evening. ( Mehr...

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ian mcdonell 5
I just love how the disgruntled passenger did not say how happy he was that it was not a major event and that he was safe, but how all the airline gave him was a meal and a hotel night

Well boo hoo mate - you are just a whining knob
dee9bee 3
I had what sounds like a similar situation on a 757 many years ago. The side panel was bulging out, making a terrible noise and must have been quite disturbing for the passengers. We ended up turning one pack off and continued the remaining 30 minutes to destination. That did the trick. (We were overwater at the time) Apparently, the bad duct was easily replaced overnight.

While I'm here, I'll rant for a second...That wasn't an 'American Airlines' flight. Years ago when I flew for Henson, my paycheck came from Henson, not Piedmont...Rant over
Quidnon 2
The funny part is that while I agree that is not American, their paychecks now come from the exact same place. Piedmont, PSA, Envoy, Legacy American, and the US Air side all get paychecks from the same place with the same labeling.
dee9bee 2
Thanks for the info. I left Henson for American 31 years ago and things have certainly changed!
joel wiley 3
Aircraft CRJ7 N501BG A6DC37

A bit of confusion in reports.

AVherald reports a broken window. Comment there reports 'The actual MX entry was "Row 17A riser duct blown".'
FA tracking does not show inflight routing. Video doesn't look like a windshield crack.

[This poster has been suspended.]

joel wiley 3
Not sure which of your points of view you seem to feel I agree with.
Journalism is a profession, but I would not consider all people publishing articles among the profession. Who, What, When, Where, Why, is not LOOK!!! HORRORS!!! If it bleeds it leads and manufactured 'fake news'. Sort of like lumping all attorneys in with the ambulance chasing, contingent seeking, blood sucking shysters. I think you can agree with that.
Nicholas Huff 3
So is no one going to mention the fact that the passenger's name is Peter Pan?

Am I the only who finds that hilarious?
Bernie20910 2
Some people just never grow up I guess.
Tyler Johnson 1
I also noticed this. :) I guess any further comment is beating a dead horse.

The plane was never in danger, just had to think happy thoughts!

In all seriousness, the poor guy probably gets jokes all day long. Peter, if you ever read this, glad you are safe! Take care!

Tyler :)


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