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Trump is right to consider canceling the F-35

Donald Trump debated defense policy in a tweet today, saying: Based on the tremendous cost and cost overruns of the Lockheed Martin F-35, I have asked Boeing to price-out a comparable F-18 Super Hornet! And he's right to do so. The F-35 was supposed to replace the F-16, A-10, and F/A-18. But it's turned into a much more expensive mess. ( Mehr...

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Billy Koskie 9
I wonder how many F-16s or FA-18s could be bought for the cost of one F-35? Perhaps we ought to be investing in more F-22s. There are many A-10s in desert storage that could be reactivated and updated at a fraction of the cost. The F-35 will never fill the ground support role the A-10 does. The F-22 will be the air superiority fighter for the next 10-20 years also. Strength through superior firepower is still valid.
Steven Fortson -3
One F-18, depending on version 0-1 F-16s.
Jack Carson 5
Try to find the price of a F-35. Best I can tell is no one knows, but after some research my best guess is 146 million. Warthog is 18 million. Now, you have your squad on patrol and are surrounded by the bad guys. Call for air support and you are told you can have 1 F-35 or 8 Warthogs. Easy decision on the ground. But difficult in Washington politics.
Steven Fortson -1
LRIP 9 is $102.1M, $131.6M, and $132.2M for an A, B, and C. Took about five seconds to find.

An A-10 was $18M when first bought. In 1998 dollars an F-16 was $18.8M. When Iraq purchased their F-16s the cost was between $109-165M per aircraft. Jordan bought used F-16s for $90M a copy.
Comparing the F-35 to the F/A-18 is the proverbial comparison of apples and oranges. Even the Israeli Air Force chief says that the F-35 is a game changer. The F-35 is obnoxiously expensive, but it a giant step in sensor technology. The Super Hornet is not stealthy, and does not have the advanced sensor advantages. Expensive? Compare today's health costs, college tuitions,and automobile prices compared to the recent past. Advanced technology frequently equals increased $$$$.
Martin Haisman 3
Stealthy for who, Achmed and co in their 87 Toyota's with their stick welded shoulder missiles.
canuck44 7
Certainly the message has been sent to Boeing and Lockheed Martin that the rules of the game are about to be changed. We are likely to see a few more public examples of those contracting with the government to be certain they all get that the trough is not going to be refilled by the taxpayer. Expect too the buried report indicating $240 Billion wasted by the Pentagon will be dusted off and folks held accountable.

All this signals that the A-10 in not only safe but additional money over and above that already announced will be invested to upgrade it. With Mattis and Kelly holding two of the top spots in the Administration, these two warriors are not about to surrender the grunts favorite CAS aircraft to the guys with their wallets on their heads and their shiny toys.

The other area that will be fun to watch will be all the unused real estate and land the Feds hold and pay through the nose for. Expect all that to come off the books.
Alan Brown 3
Isn't it great to see a business man rather than a "politician" in the top slot now? I agree that there are going to bee some very large changes coming down the pipe to a lot of peoples surprise!
Tom Pera 2
I say again...after 15 years..our enemies are ready for it... and... it still can't use all our weapons and the gun hasn't been certified...15 years!
Chris B 2
Would someone please remind him that we only have one President at a time.
F35 should have been cancelled years ago. And the same goes for Donald Trump.
Tom Pera 3
no politics, please...
Scott Campbell 0
THE first President elect to put his foot in his mouth over and over before he even takes office.
The era of the chief in B S ing has begun
Were in for a great 4 years if you work at Saturday Night Live
Tom Pera 4
already had 16 years or bad presidents...what's 4 more?
James Driskell 1
Maybe FDR was OK?
btweston -7
This guy is going to get us all killed.
James Simms 3
The Zumwalt class destroyer that can't get through the Panama Canal under it's own power that needed a tow (& probably to San Diego) & $800,000 apiece rounds should be on the chopping block also.
canuck44 10
I am not sure how as to how cutting all the scams and waste out of the Armed Forces budget is going to get us killed. The F-35 is a lemon and continuing with this project as currently structued is more likely to leave us naked and broke. Lack of a maintenance budget, shortage of techs and pilots is more likely to kill us.
SmokedChops -2
hopefully Boeing said "call us after Jan,20 when you are actually holding office" There is no 'comparable' F/A-18 that meets all of the tick boxes of the requirements of the F-35 platform. However, when it was initially designed in the 1970's [the YF-17 losing to the YF-16 in the lightweight fighter program] and redeveloped as the F/A-18 it filled its role with the Navy, and grew into a sound platform. Did it happen on rollout? no,it took several years to work out bugs and design changes. yes, the F-35 program is massive with a massive price tag, but, has anyone lately added up the total expenditure of the F-16 program - from inception in the the early 1970's to today? Counting every airframe, all plants worldwide, all training for all aircrews, and every nut bolt and round of ammunition, every drop of JP? [the trillion dollar figure tossed around for the F-35 represents the entire 50 year projected life of the platform] Finally, ponder this - the last A-10 left Hagerstown in 1984. The last F-16 for the USAF left Ft. Worth in 2005 -31 years after the first YF-16 did. The fleet is aging. Period. It needs to updated wisely, and with a long term perspective.
James Driskell -5
It would appear that it's "Howdy Doody time" now that trump thinks he's in charge.
Martin Haisman 4
I could eat alphabet soup and poop a better comment then that.
Tom Pera 7
it's been "Howdy Doody" time for the past 8 years
dnorthern 3
Seriously? That is the most intellectual remark you can muster?
Robert Gomez -1
It's not the same aircraft, we have to be ready for the unseen threat. F35 brings innovation to fighter aircraft into the 21st century. We know it is expensive and rightly so, one day this aircraft might be the only thing our DoD requires to complete any task from the sky.
Tom Pera 3
but...after 15 years, it's still not complete and the Chinese and Russians are ready for it...


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