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Airbus plans to test self-driven airborne taxi by the end of 2017

Airbus is not kidding around about flying cars – the maker of airborne transportation vehicles plans to test out a prototype self-flying small urban transport made for single-passenger travel by the end of this year, according to Airbus CEO Tom Enders (via Reuters). Airbus has been developing its autonomous vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) concept through Project Vahana, an internal project designed to test viability and refine a prototype for urban air transport. ( Mehr...

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Tim Marks 3
Exposed propellers around the non-aviation public is going to be a problem. I'm sure that the safety and well-being agencies will have their say about this potential hazard and the design will change from the artist sketch found in the news article.
SFOBro 2
I'd be willing to gamble that with the number of these that will have to ultimately be built and have in the air, that they will lean towards an electric enclosed "turbofan."
You bring up a very valid point. HOWEVER, I've been waiting to fly around the Beltway for my entire driving life, so BRING IT!!!
Jeff Beard 2
If this remains at the core of the design I imagine it will have proximity sensors that will kill-switch the propellers in some fashion if a body is detected within a chosen safety radius. It wouldn't be that much of a technical challenge, assuming these things aren't landing on crowded residential streets.
There are, at the moment, a dozen of different companies around the world, whose projects, include, self-driven airbones, or flying vehicles, or something in this direction. In my point of view the reasons are clear, the emerging market for going out of the heavy jam in cities like Los Angeles, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Shangai, Moscow, and the lots of others, where this new form of transportation can come to solve it. But, of course it will solve one problem, and create others, but it is another history.
Rohana Silva 1
Who is responsible for Regulating ? Is the air safety at jeopardy ?
My guess is that self driving cars and self flying aircraft will stand a good chance of being sued out of existence. Tech may be there but testamony by humans outweighs what computers say in court. Just saying
joel wiley 1
Interesting from a pure research perspective. Wonder about the economic viability though. AB-Uber for the Uber-rich market?
Or Uber-stupid....
JY18 1
I like all of the airbus planes, so I don't know why they need to make these things. The airbus plane I like the best is any plane in the A320 family.
alan75035 1
Can self-flying aircraft be far behind? I suspect there's plenty of people who would fly on a crew-less aircraft if they could save a few bucks.
Vanya Derkach 1
I really hate how self flying planes will take over Pilot jobs. I fear that by the time I will be old enough and with enough experience and hours as a pilot to be ready to apply for an Airline position, the stupid computers will take over it. Very scary and in my opinion, disrespectful.
Mike Williams 1
My father was a pencil pusher die designer for G.M.'s Fisher body for most of his working life. He may have refused the job of a salaried supervisor as he would have left our area for work at plants away. He had to help my mother keep us in line. Me and my sisters and brother. He told of his coworkers came back divorced because of the time away.
He went to the classes on the CADs and drank coffee and read the newspaper during the class. He was wrapping up his work time and ready to retire. He was paid at the rate was 1 of G.M.'s was best and walked the line during the strikes. We ate off the food stamps.


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