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CJ4 Skids off runway

Non fatal - CJ4 damaged beyond repair A Cessna 525C Citation CJ4 corporate jet suffered an apparent runway excursion on landing at Howell-Livingston County Airport, Michigan, USA. The pilot survived the accident. The airplane departed Batavia-Genesee County Airport, New York, at 10:57 hours local time. The flight landed on runway 13 at 11:56 hours. An eyewitness reported that the aircraft travelled pas the end of the runway over about 390 m of airport terrain before it crossed Tooley Road. The… ( Mehr...

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matt jensen 2
Whole state has had icing conditions over the weekend.
Highflyer1950 2
I suppose it's all irrevelent, if the runway was a skating rink!!
bbabis 4
Two CJ4s written off in the last few weeks. Does the aircraft have a training/operations problem? Thankfully, no serious injuries in this one and the investigation should discover a finite cause.
linbb -5
Well there were two engine failures on passenger AC last week,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,SO?
Things happen for different reasons one of the biggest problems is people make comments for no real reason about accidents before the engines are even cool.
bbabis 8
Your comment is a total Red Herring linbb. My comment simply pointed out another recent accident in the same make and model aircraft and could there be anything in common that would lead to better knowledge and therefor safety in its operation. That is for the investigators to figure out. Meanwhile, this site is all about making relevant comments having to do with the squawk's subject matter.
Paul Wisgerhof 2
5000' runway with a down slope of 0.4 degrees. Should have been enough for a CJ4 if the plane landed at the proper speed. The Metar from KOZW does indicate runway conditions. If you don't check I guess you take your chances. He could also have asked the tower for a runway condition report prior to landing. Guess he didn't do that, either!
F.O. Krupke 6
OZW is a non-towered airport.
Torsten Hoff 2
In a comment to rescuers the pilot appears to indicate icing on the runway may have caused the accident.
arg037 1
We delayed at an airport just north of the accident airport due to a FICON report of Wet Ice. With the new runway condition codes Wet Ice is listed as a 0, which corresponds with NIL braking action.
gretnabear 1

FAA Prelim report
Mike Hudgins 1
The "Textron 525C is a "commuter jet" which "barrel rolled" on the ground.
JY18 0
They should de-ice the runway more often if they want less accidents like this one.


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