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Air passengers rail against allowing mobile-phone calls on planes

The issue at hand is the use of cell phones on planes. America’s Transportation Department recently sought public comment on whether it should continue to ban calls from mobiles in the air. ( More...

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Mike Mohle 22
Flying the airlines is bad enough now. Who wants to be trapped next to a "yapper" for hours???? Not me! Air rage incidents would be sure to increase if cell phones will be allowed for voice communication. Maybe limit to texting only???
Agreed. Can't adults with no kids to corral just sit in their seats and read a book for a few hours? What is so difficult about that?
indy2001 11
I would favor allowing texting, but no voice communications. That would seem to be a reasonable compromise.
Ryan Leeward 1
That's already allowed through onboard wifi.
Jeff Carey 8
No way. Peace and quiet are almost the only things personal left when flying. Intrusive blather by strangers is a horrible idea IMO
I concur with the previous comments concerning using your cell phone during commercial airline flights.... NO cell phone use should be allowed "period"
Tom Bruce 6
this again?? no no no -- someone yells in my ear... I start talking loud to drown them out... the result?
not good for anyone
scott8733 3
Hopefully as the main carriers upgrade their WiFi to satellite-based systems, they still won't have the capacity to handle satellite based calls......but if enough people figure out how to do it and it works.....look out.
Jim DeTour 1
Phones were available on the back of everyone's seats in front of you more than 20 years ago. Just since hardly anyone used them the phones were probably removed for fuel saving reasons since hardly anyone used them.
Mike Mohle 3
No one used them because use fees were something like $8/min.
Tom Lyons 5
The flying public is not well behaved enough these days to trust that they'll be courteous with any use of cellphones for voice communication.
Sam Johnson 2
Everybody in the US may be against it but those that lobby have the money in hand, so, as aways, we are screwed.
How very true. Flying commercial has become like taking the subway or city bus, only more expensive.
JD345 3
They should have a section reserved for people who want to talk on their phones during the flight without disturbing other passengers. They can ride with their checked bags on the lower deck.
Mike Mohle 0
That is a great idea. It is pressurized, they will be fine. Maybe there could be some 110V chargers down there too.
David Barnes 4
I was going to suggest behind the aft pressure bulkhead. On the DC9-derived aircraft, there's already a door back there. :)
BobRose 3
For God's sake.... leave the plane in I can't talk on a plane status. Those of us who don't want to listen to hours of yapping might get to sleep.
Tony Perez 2
I agree, people have become so inconsiderate with their phone conversations. Everyone I know prefers to tweet or text anyway.
Now, if we can only do something about the screaming kids!
Cade foster 1
Spoiled with their technology and a lack of any concern or empathy for their fellow travelers.
So many of the problems in the world these days can be summed up in one word, SELFISHNESS.
Ralph Wigzell 1
Keep them banned.
chalet 1
A Lady "Chatterly" talking trash in a chihuahua voiced soprano next to me at FL390 for just a few minutes would certainly land me in jail.
Twenty-five years ago, a yapper complained into her phone that a flight attendants had asked her to turn off her phone. She continued talking until asked again!
VKSheridan 1
I'm not a fan but slap on the Bose, crank up the tunes and most of it goes away. Sit next to a person sweating beer, B.O. and flatulence and there is no cure....
Still not a fan of phone use while inflight from time to time I've had bleed over from phone calls on the ground through the radios and sometimes over the intercom.
No cell calls. Text only. Heavy fines for those who won't follow the rules, But I use noise cancelling head phones so it's not a big issue personally.
Sample Conversation. Hey Joe, this is Tom, can you find me one of the Cute Girls, I will be landing soon. I need to talk to someone for a few Hours at my Hotel Booking. Joe checks his Black Book and comes back on the phone line.Joe says all the Cute Girls are Booked up , but I can Find a couple of Good looking Dudes if you want to have them available.Must be a bad connection. Tom has a Problem on Hand. No to phone calls in Flight
Have any of you stopped to think that you can't get cell service at 30,000 ft????? Problem solved. You couldn't call if you wanted to!!!! Is this world out of common sense??
Raven Harris 1
Yes you can. Satellite link.
oh, didn't think of that
Jim DeTour -4
Pretty funny when major airlines had phones available for use for years if you whip out a credit card to swipe on the side of the handset to pay the high fees for a sat phone call. Phones were right on the back of the seat in front of you. But now with it evidently being more affordable just whip up some high strung ones and you get the fray of comments. Could you guys work on armies of the world to ban guns and artillery shells? It was so distasteful while having enjoyable days in beautiful deserts. It was especially distasteful when the guy next to me would blast my ears with anything from .556 to .50cal.
Raven Harris -2
Let them use the cell phone. You can already be stuck next to Chatty Cathy so what difference does it make? At least she would be on her phone and not bothering the people next to her. Screaming kids and kids in the aisles are a bigger problem.
Mark Garver -1
With on-board WiFi you already have the ability to text, use Facebook, etc. which is annoying enough with all of the notification sounds, etc. Email is fine, but adding to this voice communications! No, I remember when there were phones on planes and even with the expense there were people who insisted on talking the whole flight. Plus as a business traveler, it is kind of nice to have the flight time as a small amount of downtime and not being expected to be able to dial into meetings, etc.


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