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Southwest Airlines doing away with paper tickets

I am curious how this is going to work out. What happens when someone needs to get on a flight and the phone battery goes dead or wont connect? I'd like to try it but would carry a paper ticket as a backup if possible. ( Mehr...

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Roger McHugh 12
This is about tickets not boarding passes. Most everyone else eliminated paper tickets years ago in favor of etickets.
Exactly. Nothing is stopping you from printing out your boarding pass on paper. In fact, if you don't have the app, they encourage, if not prefer that you do that, especially as you can print it out as you check in 24 hours before the flight's departure time.
Ok I understand the airlines are keeping up with the times of technology. But most of the passengers phones use Droid or apple. I sure hope sea will remember us that have a windows system phone.
nick salai 2
Do people not read anymore...???

"Instead, Southwest will hand out electronic versions to those passengers traveling on employee guest passes."

And it never said they were discontinuing paper BOARDING PASSES...
Sorry about the typo I ment SWA not sea
Aaron Cannata 2
Tickets are now completely paperless. Boarding passes can be either or both, paper or paperless. It's not that hard to understand. Unless you can't understand the difference between a ticket and a boarding pass. At which point, you probably shouldn't be flying SWA to begin with.
Charles Adams 2
I am sure they will pass all of the savings directly back to the customers~!
joel wiley 5
Certainly, their shareholders are their customers They carry cargo and clients, of which one is self loading. It's the industry standard.
Mike Mohle 1
More giant bags of peanuts!

indy2001 3
Pretzels or chips, not peanuts. Remember all those with allergies. (How did we survive so long on peanuts through the 80s?)
Gilbert Arnold 5
I flew on Southwest this week and got peanuts on all four legs of the trip.
jcsjcs 1
"It will also give the airline the same capability as other major U.S. airlines to both accept foreign dollars and recuperate quicker from storms."

What are "foreign dollars" supposed to be? I wonder if they are related to storms in some way...

Mike Williams 0
I have never owned any cell phone. I do own a laptop computer and does not use it's Wi-Fi functions. Just when needed.
nick salai 3
.... Meanwhile here in 2017.
William Candee 0
Delta's app allows you to store your information and access your boarding pass in "offline mode", so as long as your battery works, the absence of a connection isn't a problem. Southwest's should do the same. A dead battery could be an issue, but you can always get a paper boarding pass as the kiosk.
I've been flying SWA since the days of the laminated paper numbered boarding cards, then the transition to the plastic boarding cards when you boarded in groups of 30. Back then, your checked bags got a ticket with the destination airport code and, if applicable, the transferring airport noted. Of course, this was when the turnaround time was 15-20 minutes between arrival and departure.

The implementation of the numbered boarding passes and then lining up in groups of 5 was a huge change along with the bar-coded bag tags.

I'm assuming this is just the next "big technological advancement" for SWA. The turnaround time is now about 50 minutes, so there needs to be ways to make up for lost revenue when there are idle assets sitting at the gate.
Ken Lane 0
I print a paper ticket as a backup but between the phone and watch, my pass is always handy.


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