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Bombardier rejects Boeing's "dumping" claim

Bombardier officials have rejected Boeing's claim in a complaint filed with the U.S. government that its Canadian rival has dumped its new CSeries commercial jet into the United States at below cost. ( Mehr...

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ian mcdonell 4
and of course Boeing never has and never will conduct such practices as they accuse others of ?????
ian mcdonell 3
Mr Pot please meet Mr Kettle
dodger4 2're both BLACK
Martin Haisman 2
I will await this one with interest as Airbus also was under scrutiny for predatory pricing and subsidies in the EU and US. Seems the competition is getting hot with the newer aircraft efficient aircraft recently on the market.
ian mcdonell 2
Spot on Daniel
dodger4 1
I can just imagine Bombadier selling their aircraft at a *LOSS* when they have had to borrow millions of $$ from the Canadian government to stay afloat.

Amid the crisis of executive salaries and bonuses....
Randall Kimm 1
When you speak of executive salaries, the highest paid CEO's float in between all of the golden parachutes for an industry to big to fail on Wall Street. Their salaries are a fraction of their American counterparts.
Daniel Turmel 1
I don't know what they smoke in the US drug's capital (Seattle) but they should
not be worry as their pretentious.., euh, their president will make Boing
"great again"...
Randall Kimm 1
BOING sounds like an appropriate name for Boeing.
Jim Lynch 0
We have another self-centered Trump-in-a-bubble in Canada, it appears. Bombardier is a family-owned and family-run company, where the family take all the cash and everybody else takes all the blame. My won experience dealing with the executives demonstrate that they have almost all been chosen for their ass-licking skills, because they clearly have none other.

After many Billions in development each copy of the CSeries - in case anybody just woke from a long sleep - started out being sold for something like US$10 million UNDER COST - to get it moving out the door. Because this became public knowledge, every customer since has demanded the same deal, hence the reason for Bombardier asking the Feds and the Province for Billions in support - Bombardier were, and are, deliberately going broke.

So they can reject Boeing's claims all they want, the FACT remains that Bombardier currently already has some two Billion in more recent investments/loans from government/taxpayer sources - and is holding their hands out for more, even after laying off thousands of workers (who are also taxpayers supporting Bombardier through the government handouts).

Here's a valuable job tip: NEVER work for a family owned and family run company. They will milk you of every drop of sweat and blood, and as a reward for YOUR good work will promote one of the more insipid family brats to increase your torment.
Randall Kimm 1
Where's the sources for this information?


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