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Big Bear small plane crash claims lives of newly engaged couple

A San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy and her fiance were killed when a small aircraft crashed in a remote area of Big Bear. ( Mehr...

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Don Dixon 5
What was the density altitude that night. Looking at temperatures in July for Big Bear it could have been more than 9000 feet. Did they have full tanks? Two people on board with full tanks and a high density altitude with a service ceiling of 14000 for a 172 is a tight margin. I fly in the Sierras all the time, and have a healthy respect for density altitude. I have seen too many people fly in to Tahoe in the morning and barely make it out in the afternoon, or not make it at all.
stories like this one are so sad..the pictures along with the story show a very happy young couple celebrating what should have been a momentous life event for them both..may they rest in peace..condolences to their families and hopefully the investgators will find the cause of the crash...
Eric Schmaltz 2
Bummer. Hate to hear about these things. I guess they died together. The way I'd want to go.
john doe 1
The flight was in the daytime, guys.
John Silva 1
Lots of unknowns. What does a 37 year old airplane have to do with it. Mine is 61 years old and flies and climbs just fine. People should not comment on subjects they are not familiar with. So sad to see things like this happen but at least they went together.RIP.
greenbaron 1
More info here:
Art Murray 1
A 37-year old single-engine Cessna 172, at night, over mountains that can top 11,000 feet. Wx? Unknown. "...some who saw the plane take off were concerned when they saw it flying low." It was found in Sawmill Canyon; by my map, just a couple miles from the departure airport. Airport is at 6,752 MSL; the surrounding mountains of Sawmill Canyon are at 7,100' MSL.
Sad ending to what could have been a great life together. Prayers for the families, friends and co-workers.


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