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'Armed police' called after angry passengers 'go crazy' over delayed BA flight from Heathrow

Armed police were reportedly called as passengers reacted with fury when a British Airways flight from Heathrow was delayed for two days. The flight to Las Vegas was supposed to set off at 4.40pm on Sunday, but following two aborted take-offs didn’t leave until Tuesday afternoon. ( Mehr...

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Colin Seftel 2
More details here:
From that article:

"Jim Allison, who was on the plane, described the experience as “terrible”, saying he hoped never to have to deal with BA again. “Learn how to take care of customers and actually fly and we will talk,” he tweeted. Allison said he managed to make the journey at the third attempt, but only with the help of a rival airline."

That airline was American: BAW's codesharing and One World founding partner. No-where near a rival.

That said, BAW's conduct in this does not look good.
Poor Alex. Another Vueling nosedive?
john russell 2
You have to be really dumb, to fly BA(IAG)
Randall Kimm 2
Good point! I remember a flight from Toronto to Heathrow. It was a 747-400 and the aft/lav got plugged and soaked the carpet with septic fluid...fool me once,you know how the saying goes "The World's Filthiest Airline.
I fly regularly to the US and have used BA once. Never again. Poor service and Heathrow is a nightmare.
I use KLM, Virgin and Lufthansa all the time now with KLM being my preferred choice. Far superior to BA
I think I'm correct in that it was a "27" year old BA 747-400 straight out of maintenance from a previous tech problem a week earlier that started it all off but then 3 days later managed to get them there! I love these vintage flybirds but there's a certain time when they need to address the conversion to Freight factor ;)
Mike Williams 0
Are there any type of police besides "Armed Police"?
Maybe in the UK and some backwards country.


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