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Cathay Pacific crew saw North Korean missile from plane, airline says

Cathay Pacific flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong saw what they believed was a North Korean ballistic missile re-entering the Earth's atmosphere last Wednesday, the airline said Monday. ( Mehr...

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Sidney Smith 2
What a sight that must have been!
James Simms 2
Bet that got everyone's attention. Riveting
Jack370 1
Would be surprised if more pilots didn't see it, given the proximity to air traffic lanes.
Evelyn Corzo 1
Thanks for the note
ashton bethel -3
well what a time !
Randall Kimm 4
It's a serious problem. What does a cash strapped lunatic do to alleviate this serious problem? He could turn around and sell it to the jihadis with the cash. The borders are essentially porous and this WMD could be walked-in, then detonated to inflict the worst casualties with no medical facility to treat the injured and dying. Do this a couple of times and all civilization ceases to function.
Ric Wernicke -8
How can a lunatic posses nuclear weapons? Oh, sorry, Hillary almost won. I withdraw the question.
Randall Kimm -3
Donald is just foaming at the mouth to try out the "football" that terrified his predecessors in the Oval Office. What are we going to do if Russia or China lob a couple of dozen nukes at us in retaliation? Nuclear War has this really sick inclination to escalate beyond our control in a manner of minutes.
Randy Marco -5
Rick YOU are truly ignorant, definitely UN-American and perhaps you are even a Russian sympathetic to the homeland!

You probably help perpetrate trumpf's 1628 lies and counting by the hour even as all his comrades are being found guilty.


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