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U.S. ITC Rejects Boeing Injury Claims

Reuters is reporting that the US ITC has rejected Boeing's injury claims against Bombardier. (www.nasdaq.com) Mehr...

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Jeff Phipps 16
One of the more idiotic moves by Boeing. The worrisome thing is that they almost got away with it, and I wouldn't put it past them to appeal it. The C Series is a great jet and I hope the airlines in the US start to buy them more.
canuck44 7
They have two avenues to appeal. One I outlined above keeping it within the USA where they can get financial remedies. The other is international which will take forever and does not include penalties. By then the C-series will have penetrated the market and a new product will have replaced the A-319. Airbus will have relatively few development costs using the C-series platform.
Cansojr -3
Be careful tossing people outta strings. I have notified Flightaware about your stunts. I don't believe you are a pilot, AME, or airline exec.
Go bowling but don't piss-off serious people. And stay off your PDA.

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carlos ospina 4
Maybe is time for boeing to start innovating and admit that there are better products out there, they should just give the 797 the green light and not get burned again.
Tobin Sparfeld 9
Great! Hopefully we'll see more orders for the C-series after this. It looks like a great plane
bruce hall 3
As a former airline CFO and customer of Boeing, I view their C series claim as just a continuation of the corporate culture of arrogance they have had for decades.
canuck44 10
This was a surprising 4-0 decision indicating none of the commissioners bought the Boeing story. Boeing can still request review by the DC Appellate Court but after a 4-0 decision by the ITC Commissioners they are unlikely to overturn the ruling. This whole episode has gained Boeing little except large legal bills and they have lost a few former friends along the way. Had they not done this and allowed the Delta deal to go through, Bombardier probably would not have brought in Airbus.

There are probably lots of smiles in the Boardrooms of Delta, Jet Blue and Bombardier as competition to this market is introduced and the prices are liable to drop.
Ray Gagnon 5
This may spur bombardier/airbus to ramp-up development the CS500 as well:)
Tobin Sparfeld 4
Though I would love to see the CS500, I can't imagine Airbus would allow it to go forward. Why approve a direct competitor to your A320 when you only own 50% of the program? The CSeries deal kept the plane alive, but it also ended any potential challenge to the Boeing/Airbus duopoly for the foreseeable future.

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chalet 0
A comment totally out of context with the Bombardier penalties, but I AM 200% WITH YOU. LIMAO
john kilcher 3
God, the trolls are here as well. A tighter leash is required to protect the integrity of this site!!
robin cooper 1
strategically it made no sense for Boeing to pursue this as they have a high risk of totally annoying both the governments of the UK and Canada who are potential customers for many military planes. Lockheed must be smiling.
John Downing 1
Whoever it was that fixed my idiotic typographical error, THANKS!
On the subject of child-like comments....Boeing Schmoeing!
Jamar Jackson -7
Snitches get stitches.
Cansojr -1
This site is for aviation not bullies, gangs or idiots say stupid nonsense like that...grow the fxxk up!

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