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ATR plans to develop a new commercial aircraft

Toulouse - ATR, the leading manufacturer in commercial aircraft segment with turbo-propeller engines, is planning to develop a new aircraft to complement the ATR 42 and ATR 72 models. ( Mehr...

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ATRs seem to be popular in India - I flew in one during a visit three years ago. Passengers boarded and deplaned through the rear door. Interestingly, they had installed a removable support rod under the rear end - so the plane didn't lose balance during deplaning - never seen that before! Wonder how economical the new 90 seater would be, in comparison to the Embraer ERJ 190. Or the Bombardier.
Brian Hayes 2
Some models of the 727 (200’s in particular) and DC-8’s had tail support stands. I’m sure other planes do as well.
30west 1
Brian, the aft stairs on the seven-two serve as its tail stand. There is no attach point on the jet for a typical tail stand.
Joe Blow 1
On a 727?ive seen the tail stand installed everytime with kalitta
30west 1
Joe, you are correct.

I have a freight dog friend who flies a 727 for Kalitta and he has told me about using a tail stand and one time started taxiing for taking off with it still attached until another crew alerted him so he could pull into the run-up area to have the FE make his way to the aft stairs to go out and retrieve it. I had forgotten about that conversation and fell back on my pax-only flying experience. Thanks for correcting me.
Cody B 2
It's not difficult to put an ATR on it's tail. I put that tailstand on twice a day, but we do cargo. I have had loading crews get the airplane to start tipping back when not paying attention to the CG.
Had no idea! Learnt something new - and unexpected!
Having flown regularly in the US and India over the past 20 years, this was the only time I saw the support rod.
josego 1
DC-4`s used that rod.

take a lokk at this picture:
Ron Fletcher 1
ATR 500-600 are a nice aircraft and chap to buy and operate, why? because they are slow. ATR cruise at the same speed at aDH 300. Not a match to the Q400 which are 15 minutes an our quicker.
Joe Mayer 1
Leonardo Quashed the project:


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