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TSA Fondles Women and Children Refusing Airport Naked Body Scanners

Michelle, a long-time employee talks about her and her daughters' experience at the hands of the TSA. ( More...

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Chip Hermes 0
If you consider that the TSA is not capable of detecting weapons and bombs with their existing x-ray machines, these millimeter wave scanners ("naked body scanners") are certainly going to be no more effective. Oh, and they don't detect anything inside of a body cavity. Lots of radiation too.

But I'm sure the companies that make them are happy.
fuck em all. do away with the government run TSA. waste of my tax money anyway
William Pirlot 0
Just one more reason why I am getting my PPL, to avoid the BS with the airlines and airports.
Brad Kirby 0
I would never travel on the airlines any more..I travel only on private planes..I don't need some goverment lazy payroll for life person grabing my cock...
Ryan Viveiros 0
Anything involving Alex Jones is destined to be pure bullshit. That said, I am sure it's someone over reacting to the new rules that let the TSA slide their hands instead of pat. Do I agree with it? no, but if we don't cooperate, we don't fly.
Yet another reason why I don't fly anymore!!!! I just watched the entire video and I've seen enough news commentary on abuses of this system. I've never been in a fight, but I can say with absolute certainty that if I was patted down like that and some neanderthal put his hand between my legs, I'd be breaking my knuckles on his teeth and on my way to to jail. Cooperate with what constitutes sexual harrassment... I think not!!! Ben Franklin said it best in 1755... "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
Kevin Kuhn 0
ahahahahahahahahahahaah. stopped reading when I read ""
Ryan Viveiros 0
ahahahahahahahahahahaah. stopped reading when I read ""

LOL, me too. I clicked the link, saw Alex Jone's ugly mug and turned it off!
Leo Cachat 0
Chip, great job getting this story out and linking it to Infowars - the only place we here get our news. My family and I will never fly commercial ever again after an incident 5 years ago where the TSA tried saying my 7 year old son had a razor knife in his bag and could not go with us. Luckily my wife was watching and exclaimed: "Maybe that's because I watched you put it in there!" At which he looked down at the agent at the end of the X-ray machine, smiled and said: "You can go through now." and laughed. That was when we were flying back to St. Louis from Cleveland after visiting my family. Once they know that you know about them and what they are there for they will mess with you.

Joe Serdynski 0
Story upon Story upon Story . . .
Matt Comerford 0
Haha sure are some whiney people on here
Bob Carter 0
Do you for a second think that without security screening the terrorists won't be blowing up our planes?????
Leo Cachat 0
The whole concept of searching people to stop an attack is ridiculous when considering that with a shoulder launched missile from outside any airport anywhere a plane could be taken down. So those of you that think the extreme security measures are acceptable and logical need to awake from the socially induced coma that you are in and realize you are being prepared and groomed to do everything you are told out of fear - kind of like a small child, who when doing something wrong is threatened with a time out and will then do what he or she is told. Let's face it, most of the American people have become weak and want everyone else to do things for them because we have been told time and time again, "There's nothing we can do about it. Let the government take care of it so we don't get hurt." Most of you posting comments calling people whiney or liars are doing it because you are scared, lazy and have that same attitude.
James Driskell 0
For one who was hijacked in the 70's, I don't think too much security is enough. Yes, someone could fire a shoulder launched missle or do a number of things, but I think we need to try to keep a lid on things. And for those who won't fly commercial again, enjoy your walk. The rest of us can enjoy the extra space.
Leo Cachat 0

Your post helps my viewpoint, there was not the security measures in the 70's that there are today, your plane was hijacked and you are still here 30-40 years later to talk about it, the plane was not blown up and several years have past without the security and people felt more safe longer ago than they do now. As far as those who won't fly commercial again - you can have all the room you want and I'll keep my dignity of not being felt up or radiated.
dmanuel 0
One might ponder, if the TSA gets no push back on these procedures, it will be taken as a sign they can be implemented in a wholesale manner? There have been comments that if you don’t like it, don’t fly. Would that attitude apply if these procedures are implemented at all governmental facilities? Need a driver’s license, pay a ticket, have a court summons, get a marriage license etc , then prepare to ogled or groped, because you may not have an alternative option (like not flying). Heaven forbid if shopping malls become a terrorist risk. Perhaps TSA might require passengers to sing The Who’s ‘ Rock Opera Tommy’ “See me, feel me, touch me, heal me”.
loufrankel 0
It's amazing how an Infowars link brings nasty language and crude comments to an otherwise civilized aircraft discussion forum. Ejecting this post for sure.
jetcenterteri 0
Alexander... I agree that it is a waste of our money but please clean up the language.... there are ladies present.
terry weldy 0
everyone take a step back and ponder all of the comments above. The terrorist have won. We are lashing out at each other and have ill will against the TSA and our government. Don't get me wrong the TSA and our government needs to improve but we are fighting amoung ourselves and slowly creating a time bomb within our own infrastructure. I fly commercially and I do have to laugh at the TSA from time to time, but I rather put up with the process regardless how flawed, then to have a terrorist get on the plane that I am flying in.


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