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Residents rally against noisy air traffic

Coastsiders and other Bay Area residents are banding together to combat air traffic noise wrought by the Next Generation Air Transportation System. The latest action follows in the footsteps of other communities across the United States that have found their voices are stronger together. They are getting a response from the FAA. ( More...

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Hamish Barrett 11
MSY at one time was far out from New Orleans & there was no noise problem. Once subdivisions were allowed around it & along Airline Highway, there are noise problems. The airport should tell them to go mind their onw business. Is that too harsh?
paul gilpin 4
the people that moved into sun city south started complaining about the noise from luke.
i'd tell them to stuff it and not be concerned about any harshness.
That's exactly what I would tell them if I were in charge!
Ric Wernicke 22
The usual gaggle of nudnicks that feel entitled to rein over what does not belong to them over some self assumed right that comes from their Lordship over a tiny piece of property.

I can remember a time when 727's overhead caused conversation to stop until the plane passed over. Now the same flight path into BUR will not disturb a whisper. You can see the planes, but you cannot hear them.
John Rumble 3
Indeed. I lived about 4 miles from KMIA 12/30 Those old 727's banking over the house before they turned south to the Caribbean. They would rattle the plates off the shelf and whatever conversation was going on just stopped. On the other hand there were still some Connie's, Dc6's and 7's, and 2 C97's flying out That was music
Real simple solution, you don't want noise, don't move next to a railroad, highway, or airport.
zennermd 5
I lived by a railroad for most of my childhood, it used to shake my bed slightly at night. Why aren't we demanding the railroad companies move their lines!?!?!
linbb 1
Hey easy way to solve the problems there is lots of unused land in most states, well its farm land far from any large city. You know like central Washington then all of those left siders could drive for four hours to get on there airliner.
Joseph Sede 4
What was there first, the airport or the houses? If you bought a house at the end of a runway what did you expect.
cverbil 5
Half Moon Bay doesn't reside off the end of the SFO runways, nor is it exactly close to the airport, either. It does however, sit underneath one of the relatively new RNAV STAR arrivals into SFO. As an airline pilot I can tell you we fly these arrivals very precisely, because the FARs and company Ops Specs require us (mostly) to use the FMS and autopilot when flying RNAV STARs and SIDs. So the claim that there are more airplanes overhead is probably true. As to the noise, well that can be debatable due to the crossing altitudes and various aircraft engines/noise output.

Do they have a right to complain about increased air traffic overhead, that wasn't there before .. and they don't live 'near the airport'. Of course they have that right. As to the perceived noise, even the FAA has said in studies here in the Bay area, there isn't much difference in actual sound levels on the ground, when compared to before. But in any case: whether we move RNAV procedures or not, the long-term problem won't go away. Living in a highly-populated area comes with some consequences. The airport is not moving; there is no place to put it. As we continue to add more and more flights by customer demand into constrained airports, they problem of noise, and airplanes overhead, will never go away.

They moved the Denver airport 20 miles out of town in 1994. There are still complaints among the Front Range cities of too many airplanes overhead and 'noise'.
John Freschl 1
Very well said. You summarized the issue very well in a few sentences.
WhiteKnight77 1
Half Moon Bay is within 11 miles of SFO. We both note that noise can be an issue out to 20 miles from an airport.
sparkie624 11
People are stupid... Just move to somewhere else....Airport was there before you were!
linbb 2
Not much different than others who gripe about housing and rent prices expecting some one to help them foot there bills. These people who are griping about this are some of the same ones if they had to go out into the middle of no where to get on a flight they would again gripe.
Mike Mohle 6
I would be interested in seeing a map with the depiction of the "before" routes vs. "new" routes.

Here in Phoenix, some genius at FAA rerouted departures @ KPHX away from the "river bed" east and west of the airport (where no one lives) to making low-level turns over very populated neighborhoods to turn on course to "save fuel" BAH! They have switched back to RH climbs to 10,000 before turning, and so they can then increase speed >250kts. Makes much more sense, and is a Win Win in my view, for the pilots as well as residents.
WhiteKnight77 3
Being born on a SAC bomber base and around or near air bases or airports my entire life, couple that with being a crew chief on helicopters and I am pretty immune to the noise.

If you move anywhere withing a 20 mile radius of an airport, you can expect noise at any time. I have 5 airports within a 20 mile radius of my apartment, the closest being Dobbins ARB with Lockheed Martin there as well (and at one time, within a stones throw of my back door).

Those airports (or bases) were there long before your house was built and as an entity who puts people to work, as well as give people a way to get from one place to another, they have a right to expand and have flight ops as needed. If you moved in that area, you knew that airport was there and have no room to bitch about any noise associated with such. That includes any new routes into or out of such places.
mwlong 8
I just spent twice what the house is worth. Now it is time to get rid of that noisy airport because it will hurt my property value. Idiots!
Bill Gardner 2
When they built their houses around the airport, they knew what they were getting into, just like the people from the Bay area moving to the central valley here in Calif, they are complaining about all the Orchards being sprayed and the dust, Well then go back to the bay area, ya knew they were there when you bought that house.
Greg Zelna 2
Move near an airport and you will get...taa-daa... Aircraft noise. I recall the 1980s working at Pratt Whitney out in the boonies way West of West Palm beach. Developers decided it would be profitable to build large custom homes on large lots out near the facility. And the griping about engine test noise soon followed...... Surprised ?
cverbil 2
This is actually old news. The various Peninsula and South Bay neighborhood groups have been petitoning the FAA for over two years to change the SFO STARs back to pre-2015, when those were over less-populated areas. The major complaint-causing issue is the SERFR arrival. The FAA has agreed to move it back, the implemenatation is coming in the next few months, and it sounds like the folks in Half Moon Bay either didn't get the memo or they don't understand/
ken young 2
Another case of wanting it both ways.
People demand air carriers to operate safely. They also demand the convenience of an airport local to their residences .
These same people then complain about noise from aircraft.
Ok fine. If this is the way you want it, you lose your airport. Deal?
narayan 2
I would say incessant freeway noise is much worse. With sound walls, the noise gets amplified and re-radiated. Jets are much quieter these days. Moving SFO is not an option! People want cheap fares and more destinations, well that's the price of progress.
As a GA pilot, and living near some communities in Massachusetts that are experiencing similar complaints, I have sympathy for these folks. It's not so simple as saying "well, they shouldn't have moved next to an airport." Many of these people live 10+ miles from the airport to which traffic is arriving.

Next Gen ops and procedures have concentrated traffic into very tight corridors which has resulted in less overall households experiencing the effects of this traffic. However, the people who do live under these flight paths are subjected to incessant noise from commercial jets 1500' overhead, every 100 seconds, for 18 hours a day. ANYONE having to deal with that would be pissed, especially if you lived in the same place for years, but all of a sudden your exposure to the noise tripled in the course of a few weeks.
rshoff2 2
Thank you for understanding that there are complicated issues. I live in another city and this is in fact what happened. Not only are the flight paths rerouted and concentrated, but the ascent/decent seems much longer which puts the aircraft at a lower altitude for a greater distance. I live on a hill that is 400ft in elevation and the aircraft fly under 2000ft over me on a landing pattern. 2000 - 400 = 1600. That's getting low for noise over residential neighborhoods that are 20 miles from the airport. When I purchased my home, I was not under the flight path. To top it off, the airport built a third runway which created an additional flight path.

I catch myself wondering if this is to support noise abatement for neighborhoods around the airport, fuel efficiency, safety or convenience. I can't help to notice that they do not fly over the ultra wealthy neighborhoods. It seems they almost go out of their way to avoid them. I do believe that the city has zero authority or influence and the Port doesn't care about residents (or the city). Why can't the flight paths spiral in/out from the runways like a fan? Granted, it would affect more people but there would be greater breaks between overhead planes for each neighborhood.
Leon Artac 0
We lived for 16 years in Fremont, Ca. UNDER the flight path to OAK. We never bitched once since we knew the airport had been there for nearly a 100 years. I enjoyed looking up and seeing those Southwest birds go over, even the one UPS plane that had an engine fire!! If you don't like the noise, sound proof your house,double pain windows really help. If not, put cotton in your ears. Enough of your crying!
rshoff2 2
I wear hearing aids for hearing loss and I lived here before the flight path. Whose crying anyway?
I think part of the issue today is everyone works in a quiet office these days. Back in the day people busted their butts in noisy factories, so sound wasn't an issue (that and the fact they weren't home for 12 hours a day).

I have noticed complaints in EVERY aspect of life have gone up. Off-roading has been virtually banned in MA for this reason. Then, there were the endless articles in the local, failing newspaper about crackdowns on motorcycles - the state even set up a trap on Rt.140 one summer, pulling over ONLY motorcycles, & testing them for sound. A little unconstitutional, but MA hasn't adhered to the Constitution in about 100 years - nothing new there.

Everyone cries about noise today. People are just becoming professional whiners in the 21st Century.
David Baldwin 4
Seems like California folks are doing their best to shut down all their airports, after moving next to the airports, long there before they came along. Okay, sounds like they get what they deserve to shut them all down and make them drive for hours to another State to get a flight, and see how they like that!!
We have the same thing happening in western central MA - people buying houses next to farms that have been here for OVER a century, then complaining about the smell.

Several years back, there was a new development that went in next to a trucking company - they cried and complained about the dock noise all night long. What the hell did they expect???

I swear people are becoming mentally deficient in the 21st Century ...
Bwillie22 2
Hope their names are added to the “No Fly List”, they shouldn’t have to even go to the airport.
katty wompus 2
"FAA began to implement NextGen technologies and procedures in 2007... In recent years, that’s come at the cost of residents who now live under rerouted flight paths."

It seems the noise came to the people. They weren't in the flight path when they moved in. I would complain too.
Leon Artac 1
California, what do you expect. They buy next to an airport and sign wavers in their purchase contract regarding noise but a few year later bitch. If they don't like the sound, move. Of course, then they will complain they have to drive to far to the airport. As Lincoln said, "You can make some of the people happy all the time; all of the people happy some of the time; but you can't make all the people happy all the time".


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