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NTSB Preliminary Report, PA-28R-201, Daytona Beach, FL

On April 4, 2018, at 0953 eastern daylight time, a Piper PA-28R-201 collided with terrain following an in-flight breakup shortly after takeoff from Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB), Daytona Beach, Florida. ( More...

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Jeff Lawson 2
The complete damage and repair history of this particular plane will probably be important in the investigation. Any hard landings or major repairs in the past may have been the source of this failure.
Art Murray 1
Took off from runway 25L? 25?

When I was a student there - a loooong time ago - it was runway 27! And there was only one of them. Oh, that magnetic variation...!
CDBrozovich 1
Two lost souls regardless. Never a good day. RIP flyboy's!

Matt Kase 1
It would seem that someone probably overstressed the aircraft, likely on a solo flight, and failed to report the over-G.
Art Murray 3
Oh, boy.

Back when I was a student there a bunch of us were in a dorm room and BS-ing about flying. One guy - and I can still see him in my mind - started talking about doing aerobatics in the school's aircraft, i.e., the Cessna 150D.

An argument started; "No, you can't, and the POH SPECIFICALLY states you can't do that!"

His response? "Oh, that's BS. You can - if you do it right(!!) Cessna POH's all say that to CTA, and they ALWAYS over-engineer for additional G's", blah, blah, blah.

And then: "I'VE BEEN DOING solo loops, rolls, all the time (in school aircraft) and never had a problem."

Like everything else re: airplanes, this guy knew-it-all! Strongly implied: "And you don't!"

A couple days later we are BS-ing on the flight line with one of the ground school instructors. Really great guy and pilot, working on his ATP, and that subject came up.

"Sure, you can do light aerobatics in a 150! IF YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING." But the real problem was: Too many THINK they know what they are doing when they DON'T and over-stress the airplane. Oh, sure; there may be no visible physical damage, but inside, where you can't see it, and over time....! And it may takes years before that all adds up into an FAA Accident Report."

Mental note to ourselves: Never buy an aircraft that was used for flight training.

Did that happen in this case? Don't know. But I still remember that guy.
chalet 1
This aircraft having logged a mere 7,600 flight hours and key components of the main spar showing as she suffered extraordinary stresses is simply worrisome. Was the plane "hard flown" real bad?. Still. What about the other aircraft of the same type not only at ER but at other schools and of private owners.
WhiteKnight77 1
Looking at the photo in the report shows that the spar had been cracked for quite a long time. The question is, how old was said aircraft and when was the last time the spar was inspected either via eddy current or Type I Liquid Penetrant.
John Clark 1
The report said the airplane was built in 2007. The airframe had 7,690.6 total hours and 28.3 hours since its most recent annual on March 21, 2018.
linbb 0
Some big time problems here that slipped by inspections and sounds like some training may have been a little rough on it also.
bbabis 1
Agree, As an ERAU grad it’s tough to say but it seems it was just a matter of which wing came off first. Heavely used aircraft in training environments may not need more inspections but they need to be extra vigilant on the ones they do.
john gay 0
No report available now
Natural desaster!!! Strategically it thoroughly must be investigated.
Someone must be held accountable. No smoke without fire!
Dan Grelinger 2
Yes! Why didn't you prevent this?


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