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United Joins JetBlue With $30 Bag Fee

The $30 bag fee is gaining traction across U.S. airlines as summer travel winds down and carriers look to boost revenue to offset higher fuel prices. United Continental Holdings Inc. increased the charge for passengers’ first checked bag by $5 on Friday, matching a move by JetBlue Airways Corp. earlier in the week. The fee changes apply to United tickets purchased Aug. 31 and later. The move by United, the No. 3 U.S. airline, bolsters an industry push for more revenue from items other than… ( Mehr...

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Ric Wernicke 3
This is one of those increases that will not tip anyone to take the bus. The advertised fares will remain competitive, but 300 bags means an additional $1,500 in the till on every flight. Executive perks are not cheap anymore. We need to pony up so the Mahogany crew can live better than the rest.
Mike Duralia 2
"Executive perks are not cheap anymore. We need to pony up so the Mahogany crew can live better than the rest."

Now THAT is funny!
msongy 3
Instead of raising the cost for a checked bag by $5, maybe they should dip into the over $7 billion the airlines profited last year from bag and change fees.
dcmopar10 1
You would figure this might not be the best timing for them (United). I remember when jet blue was different :/.
Yes, when JetBlue was different, but still much better than the "mainstream" airlines. Although, Delta Airlines is making an effort with some awareness for human dignity.

In reality, it's the majority of airline travel consumers that capitulates to these draconian quality levels. So, the airline executives are having easy revenue pickins, without any risks...
I will bet that southwest will join the rest soon with bag fees, as they are now competing in more markets...its the "new age" of aviation I guess..
patrick baker 0
i detest this slimy revenue enhancer- gutless, ill-mannered, and if this helps fliers pare down their baggage this is useful. If i must i could travel with one less bag just as a silent protest against the airlines and their dimwit managers. The other way is to fly southwest, at least for now for just this very reason. Are these companies not profitable lately???


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