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United Flight UA919 forced back to Heathrow after "drunk women carries out assault"

Sunday, September 23: A 43-year-old women has been arrested on suspicion of being "drunk" on flight UA919. The flight was subsequently cancelled. ( Mehr...

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sparkie624 4
She should have to bear ALL of the cost of that... No respect for a Drunk...
pjshield 2
As she remarked "Are you accusing me of being under the AFFLUENCE of INCOHOL?" Foster brooks nailed it with this one...
bentwing60 1
"Are you sure you're not a pilot"? None better, and even Dean Martin couldn't stop laughing. Had an encounter or two during my corporate/charter flyin days that were not so funny. ADXbear has the right idea that will never fly, but the airlines have the power to fix this but won't. FAR's, Sec. 121.575 — Alcoholic beverages. (c) No certificate holder may allow any person to board any of its aircraft if that person appears to be intoxicated. Seems clear to me.
Neil49 2
Possibly the most poorly written article on any subject Ive ever read.

How does stuff like this make it, even on the Internet?
AWAAlum 1
Seriously? Just about everything posted online these days is a mess. Journalism is dead.
sparkie624 1
What Journalism? :)
Bernie20910 1
And there's no one left to write a coherent obituary for it.
Lee Withers 0
Not so good, but when you use exact quotes who knows what you get. At least the story got out.
bdarnell 2
"The plane had to leak fuel to reduce weight for re-landing, Joseph said they were told."

I hope they fixed the leak prior to landing.
sparkie624 1
LOL... I love the terminology... Not quite accurate, but descriptive... I think Joseph meant to say
"Dumping Fuel" not "Leaking Fuel" - LOL...
ADXbear 2
When will airlines link the common denominator with many in flight problms... stop selling booze in the airports of aircraft.. have a V8..
The cost to airlines has to outstrip any profits for alcohol sales.
patrick baker 1
;there are substantial costs that united incurred because of this sloppy drunk, plus the bartenders at heathrow may have given her far too much to drink. The drinker in question ought to be on the hook for some larger dollars here.
Roy Hunte -1
I notice the squawk says a 43 year old women. Shouldn't it be woman? Seems like someone else was drunk as well.
sparkie624 1
By the same token, you have "noticed" the squawk!
bdarnell 1
Well played.


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