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Airbus confirms Jan. 16 groundbreaking for new Mobile assembly line

Airbus has confirmed that it will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for its new A220 assembly line in Mobile on Wednesday, Jan. 16. ( Mehr...

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canuck44 5
They are going to need this line as orders have been brisk with JetBlue, Delta and Air Canada all on board with large firm orders and each with options.
Jeraboam 1
Airbus is trying to lease space at Mirabel to triple the size of the CSeries/A220 assembly plant. My understanding is that only USA designated sales would be constructed in Alabama with planes for non-American airlines, including Air Canada would be built in Canada and perhaps European and Chinese locations. Boeing and US government distortion of trade rules should not be allowed to further enrich American corporations.
Bob Keeping 0
Wow - giving a French company 4 million - another way your taxes get wasted
Kevin Keswick 0
I don't know why - after Boeing's trade complaint was shot down - they decided to go ahead with the Mobile FAL. There is room at Mirabel to expand the FAL there. As a Canadian taxpayer I hope the Canadian taxpayer isn't contributing a dime to this Mobile plant. I hope Airbus is paying for it 100% - after all they got the CSeries for a $1 - deal of the century!
Ben Bosley 4
The A220/CSeries is a joint partnership with Bombardier with Airbus owning a 51% stake.
btweston 4
The Canadian taxpayer isnt paying for this. The Alabaman taxpayer is.
canuck44 3
There is room to expand Mirabel as well and still not keep up. The order book has almost 500 firm orders plus options and in order to keep selling they have to give delivery dates before the competition.


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