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Airbus Breaks Ground: New A220 Final Assembly Line in Mobile (+Photos)

Airbus breaks ground on its final assembly line plans for the Airbus A220, formerly known as the Bombardier CSeries. The final assembly line (FAL) for the A320 program in Mobile opened up in September 2015, with the first delivery complete by April 2016. “We delivered 50 aircraft in Mobile in 2018. 103 aircraft delivered since opening. By end of 2019, we will be trending to 5 aircraft per month creating 700 jobs in Mobile. A220 FAL will create an additional 400 jobs”. ( Mehr...

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john manoulian 3
Why no mention of the state ? Mobile , ------- ?
Alabama was mentioned at the end of the article.
Is this new journalism ?
Cansojr 1
Please consider the possibility that breaking ground for a fighter assembly facility was part of the package Trudeau may have given its Christmas gift by the British after they are selling the C-Series. I suspect some backroom was used to get the deal assembled. Why on earth would they build a facility and not use it.
Stuart Betheil 0
Cansojr 2
This is more than breaking ground. It is breaking dead traditions in this industry. Airbus purchased 800 Acres of land in Quebec to work on a gianornmous project at Mirabel.
Ren Babcock 0
Interesting the US is taking assembly from Europe and Canada. It says something about competitiveness and labor cost/availability in the US south even though the US dollar has remained relatively strong. BMW and Honda are also expanding in the US although Honda has experienced some quality issues with their Acura line in Alabama and had to move it to Ohio.

Boeing in Charleston SC is pumping out 787's and GE in Durham NC is building a lot of the engines. These are all big ticket high value products that every country would like to have.
Anton1 1
Let's not forget that the A220 Mobile line was only proposed when Boeing sued Bombardier and some ridiculous tax/penalty (vaguely recall something like 350%?) was added making it impossible for Bombardier to sell it in the US and this Mobile line was a way to avoid that. When it was finally overturned they continued with the plans esp. with Montreal being slow in churning out new planes. Keep also in mind that a final assembly line is basically a screwdriver plant. The wings, fuselage etc are still build abroad...
Guy Cocoa 0
Allow for greater fuel storage and the A220 (C300) would be the Bombardier Global 9000.


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