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United’s CEO Complains Seats Are Too Small With No Plan To Fix The Problem

United Airlines’ CEO has complained that the seats on the airline’s aircraft are too small. However, he has no plan to fix the problem. ( More...

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Sean Sims 8
This is pretty comical. How many passengers have complained across the industry in the last 5 years alone? How many news reports and studies and industry expert opinions have been published highlighting this problem?

The real question is how much longer will the flying public tolerate empty lip service from CEOs out to make as much money off of them before real change occurs?
wx1996 4
I think the flying public is getting what they want a cheap flight. They have shown heavily over the last 5 years they will NOT pay for comfort. They love to complain and demand the congress force more space. However their actions are different than their words. They want a dirt cheap flight. They will switch carriers to save less than 5 dollars, and complain how the space is too small.

If United were to raise fares to provide more space, they would have to cut their staff and fleet size drastically. Passengers are getting what they are willing to pay for, which is very uncomfortable.

How much more are you willing to spend for more space?
siriusloon 2
If the only seat size available is small, what other option do we have? Staying home. If you need to go somewhere by air, you either have to accept what they're selling or not go. If half the airlines had comfort and half didn't and people were still choosing the latter, your points would be valid, but when every airline has a take it or leave it attitude towards economy class, it's their fault, not ours. Sure, business and first class are theoretically options, but they're priced way beyond most people's budgets.
Larry White 0
wx1996,,,so accurate. I fly mostly A/A since I live approx. 30 min. from DFW (depending on traffic) and I've been w/ them for several yrs. Have friend who works on planes there and he gives me 'buddy passes' at times which comesin handy at last minute. A/A, as many know, used to have those net-saaver wk-end deals & I used the h..l out of 'em. ORD-IAH, ORD-DFW when I lived in Wisc.(always get a rear cabin seat,, more room, chat w/ the FAs if/when they have time, and love the sound of those MD-80s, lulls me to sleep.. Off 'soap-box now,,, time to git to the ole 'salt-mine'.TGIF!!
Mike Mohle 1
Next step: Wood benches with dividing lines and numbers for each "seat", with seat belts, like going to a ball game in the old days.
siriusloon 1
That would be better than what Ryanair's insane CEO wants to do. He wants passengers to perch on something the size of a bicycle seat with the rows much closer together than any current cattle class, even Ryanair's.
Cansojr 1
Why not try web seating military transport style. Business class get the benches. There is no first class.
william baker 4
The first step is to admit you have a problem the second issue is how do we resolve the issue.
siriusloon 0
I don't think he's actually admitting anything or complaining about the seat size. I think he's mocking his customers. He just chose not to summarise it as "Tough ****, suckers."

Let's not forget that United is the airline that dragged a paying customer off an aircraft by force when he had done nothing more wrong than choosing to fly on United. It's also the airline that killed several pets.
siriusloon 3
The rows are too close together, too. There's an interesting article in "Air & Space Smithsonian" this month about flight attendants and their role in cabin safety. The photo showing passengers leaning forward in the "brace" position is a joke. When was the last time you were in economy class and could possibly assume that position? I guess no one at the FAA ever flies in the back with the peasants because the standard safety policy is impossible to implement. If flight attendant training and FAA inspections are only done in a classroom with rows of seats far enough that not even an NBA big would be unhappy with, then the cramped conditions endured by the vast majority of passengers will remain unsafe.
patrick baker 3
of course the seats are too small, at least back in the cattle-car sections, and have been shrinking for years, bit by bit. The question is what is His Highness, the ceo of United, willing to DO about it? increase the seat size, therby having to increase fares to compensate? Congress has no role to play here because the airline ticket is a private contract- admittedly very one-sidded- and congress is not one of the parties to the contract. Spirit Airlines and Ryanair are the logical outcomes of cheap, cheap, cheap bargain-seeking fliers, and they/we get what we deserve by paying for it. Would anybody in their right mind want an economy airline seat as living room furniture, availiable for guest and family to lounge about it?
sparkie624 2
I am not sure that I 100% agree.. Our company is working with United to convert 700's to the CRJ-550 with Less and larger seats with more leg room! Article doesn't really make since! As far as the WIFI, I think on the Regional Side we have most of the WIFI issues under control. I do a lot of work directly with GOGO to get these problems fixed.
Jeff K 1
Seeing how each airline selects the interior configuration they want. The manufacturers simply supply what the customer wants. What a stupid comment.
I doubt this jerk has flown Economy lately. If his fat ass won't fit in the First Class seats, maybe he should use his tread mill more.


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