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LOT Polish Airlines rules out cancelling Boeing 737 MAX order

“LOT Polish Airlines on Tuesday ruled out cancelling an order for grounded Boeing Company 737 MAX jets but urged the U.S. planemaker to take steps to restore their credibility after two accidents. “If somebody is ready to cancel the MAX order because of what happens I think it is more of an emotional decision than a rational decision,” Chief Executive Rafal Milczarski told a CAPA Centre for Aviation conference after an IATA airlines summit. Some airlines have threatened to cancel orders citing… ( Mehr...

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houseofgold 5
thank you LOT Polish for being rational in your Business workings. This too will pass and 737-8 will be a great aircraft. Maybe some atta-boys by the press when it gets re-established
David Geden 1
The press don’t do atta-boys, they prefer Doom, Gloom, Death and Destruction
Roger Anderson 0
True words my brother. I guess people have selective memory as other brands have also gone through a similar fate.
bob elmar -7
Oh really? When did other brand new airplanes have 2 crashes within months with more than 300 dead? Please share your source or shut up!
alan75035 2
Comet 1, Lockheed Electra.
bob elmar 1
Turbo-prop planes in the 50's, are you seriously comparing this to new jet airplanes? Unproven technology 70 years ago...
John Eliopoulos 0
Comet was a jet, get it together.
John Eliopoulos -5
By incompetent pilots.
Bob Wysocki-Borejsza 3
I think Boeing has to revisit the whole idea of buying Chinese parts/components for all of its jets. I worked in Aerospace for over 30 years and more junk comes from China than any other country, putting at risk all of us. Made in the USA or Canada like it was years back, will there be accidents yes but not as often....
Leonardo Goes 0
So its China fault then?
Pete Goldman 0
Too early to draw conclusions.
john kilcher 0
Utter codswallop.
Peter Nguyen 0
Bob Wysocki-Borejsza -2
As investigations of the crashes of two Boeing 737 MAX jetliners continue, a former supply chain manager of the contractor for Boeing’s flight control systems says that substandard parts made in China with non-aerospace material have been installed in 777 and 737 planes that are still in service.
Bob Wysocki-Borejsza -3
here is the latest news on Chinese parts for airlines


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