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Boeing 737 Max: 'I lost my family in the Ethiopian plane crash'

Paul Njorogre says his family died because of Boeing's "negligence" ( Mehr...

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Rob Smith 3
Even with erroneous MCAS activation, good pilot technique could have saved the day. The Lion crew did not even know that MCAS existed. Supposedly, the ET302 crew did know but botched it up completely. They NEVER throttled the takeoff power back and easily exceeded the never exceed speed. The excessive speed made manual trim efforts futile.
Falconus 5
The fact remains that accidents are typically the result of a series of circumstances and events that align in a way that the accident occurs.

Without the final report, it seems reasonable to think that Lion Air should NOT have had that aircraft in the air when the accident occurred. This is one of the pieces that were aligned for that accident.

The training of the pilots of the Ethiopian aircraft has been called into question, but at least some of this seems to be based off of incorrect early reports. There is no reason that I know of to think that the pilots of any other airline were better trained to handle this situation.

Boeing has responsibility, in my opinion, for at least three of the elements that aligned to allow these accidents:
1. They sold a faulty aircraft, in which last-minute changes to the MCAS system had not adequately been tested and reviewed. Compounding this is a fundamental aircraft design that rendered the MCAS system necessary (in my opinion, this fundamental design strategy is not appropriate, but that is only my opinion).
2. Boeing implemented a training system that was inadequate regarding the MCAS system. Compounding this issue is the apparent revelation that the simulator itself did not handle the situation realistically, so even if pilots optionally trained on the simulator, the training would not have been appropriate.
3. They designed the aircraft to incorporate major control decisions based off of a single sensor (lack of redundancy) when it would have been trivial to design it to use multiple sensors.

Boeing is not entirely responsible (particularly for the Lion Air accident), but they certainly are responsible for two of the elements that aligned to cause the accident. The FAA is supposed to make sure that Boeing is doing what they are supposed to, and failed utterly, but the fact is that Boeing had an inherent responsibility to do things right even without the regulator checking up on them.
Roy Hunte 3
This sounds like a balanced and fair conclusion.
Aren't #1 and #3 the same thing?

What was incorrect about the second crash in early reports?
Rick Hunt 2
Everyone is dumping on Boeing and running to Airbus. Has everyone forgotten about Air France 66 where a known pitot tube issue & the associated software brought down a huge plane and killed a bunch of people? How soon we forget......
Albert Tseng 3
Its Air France 447 that crashed. Air France 66 suffered an uncontained engine failure.
Falconus 3
These types of accidents would be no more acceptable from Airbus than it is Boeing. I remember that there was a lot of discussion after the A330 accident related to training and design, but Airbus did fix the issue satisfactorily (in that it hasn't repeated itself after many years of flights). I do not recall Airbus initially trying to sweep everything under the rug, although I am just going from memory on that. What Airbus did not do was design such a severely flawed airplane that two brand-new planes went down within half a year.
Edward Bardes 3
The Airbus A320 got off to a rocky start with Air France 296, and even today there are suspicions that it wasn't the last time the plane's automated systems contributed to other accidents involving the A320.
Albert Tseng 2
Well you can't really blame Boeing for the downing of LNI610. But ETH302 its mostly Boeing.
patrick baker 0
in fact, boeing is liable for criminal negligence, and will be so found as soon as a case makes it to court. The moron below who insinuated poorly trained pilots were the cause of each Max crash may be only partly and slightly accurate, for Lion Air is no where as competent as Ethiopian Airlines, Still, a faulty aircraft is the cause and Boeing is written somewhere on each of their sold aircraft.
Dispatchers have no idea of any planes true condition, and even less about a new type, as the Max was.
So who goes to jail?

trentenjet 0
Boeing is solely responsible for the 737 MAX aircraft and and all components used to manufacture the aircraft, the loss of lives make them pay there is no excuse for Boeing
linbb -7
Because some stupid third world airlines didn't do what they should have so quit posting this crap.

Poorly trained pilots in one and dispatching an aircraft with known defects on the other. So what do you say to that dummy?
Albert Tseng 5
To be honest, the pilots were kind of being dumb because on the previous flight on the same exact aircraft, it experienced the exact same thing and the pilots just turned off M.C.A.S. and there were no more troubles. I would say that poor training contributed to the crash of Lion Air 610. But for ETH302 Boeing will take at least 90% of the blame.
Don Quixote 4
I'd rather fly in the U.S. knowing pilots have at least 1,500 hours or more of flying. I think the Ethiopian pilot only had around 300. And you wonder why not one problem or crash with the MAX here in the states(or Canada, South America, Europe).
trentenjet -2
You should get all your fax before you talk you’re an idiot linbb


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