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American delays phase-out plans for some of its previous generation planes

Dallas, Fort Worth - American Airlines has announced that it would make some changes in its phase-out plans for some of the Airbus A320s, Boeing 737-800s, and Boeing 757-200s. The announcement came during the presentation of the carrier's quarterly results. American had to take this decision due to the ongoing grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX jets and delayed deliveries of its Airbus A321neos. (airlinerwatch.com) Mehr...

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Tyler Mullennax 9
I think United and their purchases of the 737-700s was a brilliant idea to help with the lacking MAX flights
PaulN2719 7
They might be wishing they'd kept the MD80s around a while longer too...
M. R. 3
The super 80 was timed out, maintenance was killer
s2v8377 2
They're still better maintenance wise than the E190s. They're real junk!!! Also Delta seems to keep their MD88s of a similar age going okay.

It's not just AA that doesn't like the E190s dependability, ask JetBlue what they think of theirs.
s2v8377 3
American can't keep the Super 80s flying unfortunately. The FAA has a mandate that will be going into effect that all simulators for commercial aircraft types must be able to do a full stall. American's simulators can't do it so in a way the 80s are having a forced retirement. I am not sure what Delta has done to keep their MD88s flying. Maybe they made the investment wisely to update their simulators.

However, American has a major problem with their future fleet planning which goes far beyond the Super 80s. It is the result of poor leadership of the Legacy US Airways team running the airline. They retired two 767s this past Spring Ships 379 and 381 in the middle of the 737 MAX crisis. I also believe American has at least two 757s out at ROW that could be reactivated (Ships 5EN and 5EP). You'd think with the 737 MAX grounding American would have had a better plan to deal with losing the MD80s.
Tyler Mullennax 2
I worked on the ramp at KTPA for Swissport and we did many many Delta md88/90 . They would literally come in with the brakes falling off and in smoke. 2 hours later maintenance would clear them. So I'm sure over the years they've managed to master what it can and cannot handle. I personally love the plane.
this makes sense,because having to cut schedules means fewer employees and fewer choices for passengers who will find another way to get to their destination...
s2v8377 2
No employees are being fur-lowed the flight crews just go to different aircraft types, and TUL has plenty of work to keep them busy without the 80s to do maintenance on.

It is a shame that because of the 737 MAX grounding and AA's lack of a contingency plan for it on top of the Super 80 retirements that the flight schedule will certainly suffer because of it starting this Fall. As I said in an early comment you would have thought they would have kept the two 767s retired this year since March flying as well as looking at the option of reactivating 757s. Parker the CEO is penny smart and dollar foolish when it comes to things likes that.


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