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Airbus warns Trump he’s shooting himself with a tariff war

CEO Guillaume Faury warns US tariffs could rebound against the American economy. (www.politico.eu) Mehr...

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Stuart Fountain 9
So it begins - why don't both sides recognise they back their aero industries, the EU openly with subsidies, the US covertly by overpaying defense contracts.
Torsten Hoff 4
And through the US Export-Import Bank which provides cheap loans to buyers of US products.
Wolfgang Prigge 6
That’s exactly what the WTO has been saying for decades.
Jayden Hakunti 5
does Guillaume Faury speak this warning with U.S. or E.U. best interest at heart?
Chris B 1
ANother Article revealing that 40% of parts are US sourced. So if Trump kills off demand for Airbus, unemployment in the US will rise as people lose their jobs.

Its already happening in the farm lands of America. China no longer buys from American farmers.

matt jensen 0
He doesn't care - it's all about draining the swamp
jeff slack -3
trumpy never drained it; he added a deep end and a high dive.............
Don Quixote 6
He's putting the U.S. first, so in the years ahead we actually have an advantage instead of past politicians continuously screwing us over.
Don Quixote -7
Yeah, well screw you too Airbus. We're taking you head on assholes.
Ric Wernicke 0
Since the first Airbus left the runway the EU has used every trick in the book to circumvent the rules of fair play. It is time for the US to level the playing field and allow users of aircraft to choose freely among manufacturers.

Don't worry about American jobs. The parts Airbus buys now are mostly of a nature that cannot be found elsewhere in the world market.

American farmers are being compensated by tariffs collected by the US from China. Oh, and China is still using US soy beans and pork because it is high quality, and tasty. I would bet close examination of US exports would find some being to China sent through third countries.


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