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Four SpiceJet Pilots Fail Breathalyzer Alcohol Test

SpiceJet has grounded four pilots who failed preflight breathalyzer alcohol tests in separate incidents. ( Mehr...

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Ric Wernicke 8
Once again someone in the kitchen spiked the chicken tikka at the airport buffet. What other explanation can there be?
jbqwik 2
Does anyone know what the limit is?
Ric Wernicke 5
In India, which boasts the world's strictest rules, pilots aren't allowed to drink within 12 hours of a flight and must have absolutely zero alcohol in their system. "0.001% is also a violation," said Lalit Gupta, a senior official at India's Directorate General of Civil Aviation.
Graeme Smith 4
"0.001%" - There is an official who has lost touch with reality. The process of digestion produces small amounts of alcohol which end up in the blood stream and can be detected. Though a lot of jurisdictions have "zero" BAC limits. Digestion and false positives makes 0.001% almost impossible to achieve - even among non-drinkers.

This is NOT offered as a defense of the SpiceJet pilots! :-)
pino tattari 1
I (a person with a mildly fear of flying) am all in favor for alcohol limits in pilots. Nevertheless, the article talks about "drunk" pilots, but someone that does not drink since 11 hours is in violation of the 12-hours rule, but I cannot think it as "drunk."

Moreover, strict-zero level sounds a bit too strong to me. What if you eat some over-ripe fruit that produced a bit of alcohol? Or maybe some alcohol based mouth-wash that you inadvertently swallowed a bit? I guess there are many cases where you get in touch with alcohol without even knowing and the amount is such that no effect on behavior are discernible.

Mike Atkins 1
Yes, we, have, some, berp, terbulance......
paul gilpin 1
well, the name of the operation is Spice Jet.
they just didn't say which spice.
those are spices??????

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