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Pakistani aviation authority says PIA pilot ignored air traffic control

Pakistani aviation authorities have told Pakistan International Airlines that the pilot of a passenger plane that crashed into a residential district of Karachi last month had ignored air traffic control's instructions for landing, a PIA spokesman said on Wednesday. The PIA Airbus A320 crashed on May 22 while trying to land after the pilots reported the loss of both engines. Ninety seven people on board were killed and two survived. At least one person was reported to have died on the… ( Mehr...

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Pa Thomas 2
This article is pure gobbledygook. A word salad of nothing.
Robert Cowling 1
It did seem off a little. The pilot definitely seemed pretty unconcerned about what was going on during the approach. High and hot, and saying he's 'satisfied', after being warned twice? Then the gear not working, or not deployed, and not letting the tower know. Then touching down, and taking off again, and not following ATC commands, and only in the last telling them that yeah the gear is a problem, and the engines are dead.

Just off, weird, all the way around. If they knew the gear was a problem, why not ascend, dump fuel, and belly land. If that's the only way to get down, it's safer than what they did, obviously. How to make a survivable situation a disaster. Bad choices, bad training, just bad... According to this video, the PIC is their 'most senior' pilot.
trembo A 2
This crash came a mere few weeks after a pilot for PIA ignored ATC commands to hold and rolled on to an active RWY at YYZ
Robert Cowling 1
Tragic... Hopefully the boxes, especially the CVR, show what was going on during this. If it comes down to 'crew management', that is unfortunate. How that can continue is just tragic.


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