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Las Vegas official urges name change for McCarran Airport, claims namesake was 'racist anti-Semite'

An elected official in Las Vegas is demanding a name change for McCarran International Airport, claiming that the airport’s namesake was a “racist anti-Semite.” ( Mehr...

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John Manley 5
As a constitutional moderate.... I must beg the question.... where do we draw the line?
Robert Cowling 0
We have to draw the line ad decency. Anything less is abhorrent to history. I'm fine with renaming National Airport, National Airport.
Sure, lets get on the "me too" bandwagon!!
Tom Pera 3
awww was gonna get into politics...but...will just go get a beer
ed lang 6
This behavior is getting flat out STUPID! Our country is becoming more and more the laughingstock of the world. If he was a major proponent of aviation to LAS, then his name SHOULD be on the airport. Come on, really?!?
Brad Littlejohn 4
I'll cop flack on this, but here goes.

A person's name on the airport doesn't depend on if they've been a proponent or contributor to aviation.

OMA is named after Eugene C. Eppley; someone who owned a strip of Hotels on Abbott Drive, near the airport.
Thurgood Marshall. 'nuff said.
Louis Armstrong. 'nuff said.

If they were racist jerks, then people would be wanting the same, in wanting their names removed. The point here is that you can't simply take what good they have done while sweeping the bad under the rug and making it look like they are patron saints. If you are going to reward someone based on their merits, then all of their merits - good and bad - should be taken into consideration.
Brad Littlejohn 1
Additionally, he wasn't a major proponent of aviation to LAS; he helped to get aviation nationwide, and I'll give you that. If you want specifically for LAS, that belongs to George Crockett, who created the original LAS airport as Alamo Field, which is present-day Nellis AFB. When the USAF came in, they wanted an easily accessible field, which he already had. He gave up that field, and created a new airport 8 miles south of that field, which is present-day LAS.

Additonally, you have to bring in Howard Hughes, as he was the one that was the biggest proponent of aviation to LAS, as he brought the first major airline to the field, which was TWA.

Finally, there has been the push to get McCarran's name off the field since the mid 1990s, for the very racist reasons mentioned here. You're just now catching on to it, 25 years later, thanks to BLM and the other racial issues going on.
Robert Cowling -1
Yes it is! We have a country that has spent the greater part of its history fighting for civil rights across the globe, and now, with a notoriously racist and fascistic president have turned our backs on even the appearance of civil rights. He spends his time on TV and Twitter DEFENDING racists and sponsoring fascistic groups. Threatening peaceful protestors with violence and death.

Yeah, the rest of the country would be laughing, if it wasn't in total shock at the complete turning away from decency. You want to talk laughingstock? America, under trump, IS a laughingstock! It's a corrupt shit hole. A soon to be despotic shit hole corrupt sewer.
Silent Bob 4
Funny how history repeats itself. McCarran led the charge for immigration reform in the interest of national security. He was mainly concerned with Communist infiltration, but his reform also made it easier to reject immigrants who were deemed to not be loyal to the US or who had criminal histories. Oddly enough he was a Democrat, and the final bill that went through was a combination of his and one by Rep. Francis Walter, also a Dem. And somehow that is "xenophobic and racist". Sounds oddly familiar...
Robert Cowling -2
Funny how ignorant of history people are.

The 'democrats' of that day and age are today's republicans. The change came after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Southern 'democrats' were so pissed that they would have to treat southern blacks as equals, they bolted to the republican party, and took it over. Strom Thurmond was a democrat at the point that the Civil Rights Act was being debated in Congress and became a republican shortly after it passed. So McCarren would be a REPUBLICAN today. So, maybe you and others have learned something today. The pre-Civil Rights Act democrats WERE a racist bunch of assholes. One of their own dared to end the divisive and destructive cycle of racial violence, and they abandoned their own party (just like they abandoned their own country during the Civil War) and took over the opposition party.

McCarren was a McCarthy, ahead of his time. Using racial hatred to attack minorities. Yeah, same bullshit, different day. The protestors are correct, and you are sadly uninformed. Hopefully this makes it clearer.
Edward Bardes 3
Either way, history is for learning from past mistakes so that they aren't made in the future. By erasing history, we're simply displacing it to the future.
ian mcdonell 2
Tell him to bugger off - and kick him out of office - he is far below the standard needed
ian mcdonell 1
Woke actually means Wank
Alan Macdonald 1
Quote from Wikipedia "Segerblom is most well known for being one of the champions of legalizing recreational marijuana in Nevada." My case rests !
Edward Bardes 1
How many people in Vegas knew who he was?
Brad Littlejohn 1
Everyone. He was the US Senator for Nevada.


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