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Dissertation: The Boeing 737MAX: A Failure of Free-Market Neoliberal Approaches

This dissertation project that I did at university aimed to examine how the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX is determined by a failure of the liberal free market in the USA. It was graded a 2:1 at the UK Degree level. Without further ado, sit back, grab a coffee, and enjoy the read! It is key to note this was written between October 2019 and March 2020, so any news beyond that point will not have been mentioned. ( Mehr...

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Highflyer1950 2
Interesting read but not for this forum. Factually the Max first flew revenue on May 22, 2017 and first issue arose almost 18 months later. Fact, the aircraft operated by Lion Air/ possibly Ethiopian were ordered by leasing companies as stripped down models to maximize profits. Fact, legacy carriers around the world ordered directly from Boeing optioned with Operable AOA disagreement annunciator and Dual AOA readouts on each pilots’ flight display. Even though MCAS operation was relatively unknown, AOA instrument indications would alert the crew and QRH/Memory items accomplished to disable electric trim systems allowing aircraft to be controlled by manual trimming. Such an occurrence happened the previous day to Lion Air even without the annunciator or flight display notifications......just an observant third pilot. True, Boeing should never have made these alerts optional and the FAA should not have had their heads in the sand on a new aircraft build. Maybe we should be more concerned with Covid 19 and how it affects air travel in the future because we’ve lost more than these two crashes?
ed lang 2
...failure of the neo-liberal free market? Come on, let's hear how wonderful socialism is. This is an aviation forum, not a political/economic one.
linbb 0
Oh just typical left wing rhetoric.
linbb 0
What in the hell is this do we give a rats ass as to what you think. Massive posts from you really? Go find another place to troll on. And since you did it at a University its probably left wing crap anyway like most of the U stuff is.


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