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American Airlines To Crack Down On Emotional Support Animals

Shortly after Alaska’s announcement to ban emotional support animals, American Airlines is joining in to do the same starting January 11, when the U.S. Department of Transportation’s rule goes into effect. ( More...

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Phil Howry 10
I realize people can have degrees of "emotional stability", but as for airline travel and inherent emergency awareness protocols, how is an animal safer/better than a communicative human being? Given the foisted logic favoring animal airline travel the alleged "emotional support" animals should also be allowed in hotel swimming pools, workout facility saunas, ambulances, hospital emergency/operating rooms etc., etc.
NO animals, except seeing eye dogs, should be allowed in the cabin. If somebody is so 'emotionally unstable' as to not be able to fly without it, the passenger should: a) take a car, train or bus, or, b) be sedated and the animal put in a cage in the cargo hold, and then reunited at the destination. This entire 'emotional support animal' need , has been blown out of control, by people who always try to push the boundaries, and demand their 'rights', while inconveniencing fellow passengers and staff.
MrTommy 3
You see this "abuse" everywhere now. Grocery stores, Home Depot and Lowes, restaurants, you name it. Even in some hospitals. I have been sick and tired of this crap FOR YEARS! I'm glad to see some companies "growing a set".

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jcalvagna 19
Oh please. This rule has been completely abused and has gotten totally out of control. How about the poor slob that has to sit next to a pile of animal poop, do they get compassion? What about cultures that think dogs are unclean, where is their compassion? Why don't nicotine addicts get to smoke during the flight out of compassion? Withdrawls are tough. What about a gun nut not be able to fondle his Glock during the flight, what about his compassion?

Common sense has gone completely out the window, we all have our crosses in life to bear. If the thought of being away from Fido for a few hours is so upsetting then people really shouldn't fly. It's not like it's the only travel option.
Roger Anderson 15
What happened before pets were allowed on board? How did people fly? Bringing my pet penguin or pet horse on board is just ridiculous.
Ray Snead 7
About time. I guess enough employess and innocent customers were attacked to finally push American over the line. I don’t remember ceding my safety and allergic sensitivity to dogs in the first place. I never understood how the rights of masses that were able to travel on their own we’re subverted to such a small minority and their pets.
I agree with the absurdity of bringing a support animal on a plane. If people are that needy they should just stay home with their pet. I have no mercy!
Tony Di Bona 1
My sentiments, Exactly!
Linda Stone -3
What a fabulous, well thought out comment.
Linda Stone -7
FU. My daughter suffers from severe anxiety, an eating disorder and depression. Her grandmother is stuck in Fla with mobility issue plus CoVid restrictions. Them being able to see each other is mutually beneficial. I’d rather see a 20 something with a chihuahua on her lap than some entitled drunk a hole who refuses to wear a mask or put his cell phone away or a screaming 2 year old “lap child”.
So what you're saying is that your daughter is unstable, weighs 250, probably brings a bag of stinky food on the plane, and has a dog that will probably poop sometime during the flight. She must be the seatmate we all hope to avoid.
Jim Greene 1
Sort of like your two mothers bigmouth?
jcalvagna 2
Sorry about your daughters situation Linda but you really need to google "false dichotomy" if you want to be more persuasive in your arguments. On the other hand you did start your comment with "FU" so it seems your intent is not to persuade but to insult. Good luck winning people to your side of the argument.

A generation of public schools teaching kids their feelings are more important than facts and logic has really taken a toll. On the other hand, those of us working in the hard sciences have little competition for our jobs so there is an upside.
Ralph Gallini 18
There is no such thing as emotional support animals. It is ruse to show others how special they are and that they are not to be messed with. I genuine seeing eye dog is one thing, but this rescue dog and emotional support elephants have gone too far. Just like everything else in the world today. It is all about selfies and social media. I don't like going into restaurants, stores, and every other place in the world that are full of mangy, flea-bitten dogs and their arrogant "parents". To have them on a plane that I paid a fortune to fly on is utter nonsense. I hope American Airlines is serious and does not cave to the "Cancel Culture' crowd. And, yes. a dog ran by and crapped in my cheerios. As for an unruly screaming child. I had much rather sit by one than a "Karen" like Sandra.
As someone who works with veterans, I have seen genuine service dogs that provide psychiatric support for PTSD victims. Believe me, these animals, when working, are as well-trained and as well-behaved as any seeing eye dog. These are NOT the bogus "emotional support animals" that we see on planes, i.e., pets that the passengers are bringing on board.
This has, I respectfully submit, nothing to do with "cancel culture" and everything to do with entitled pet owners. Ask almost any vet (especially those in high-income areas) and they can tell you innumerable horror stories about these people.
jcalvagna 8
I think you nailed it. I doubt few people object to genuine trained service dogs as these animals are better behaved than most people. It's the entitled pet owner, who dare I say often who use their pet as a substitute for children, to derive meaning in their lives. There is nothing wrong with pet ownership of course, but like anything else it can become an unhealthy obsession. What people want to do is there own business but the rest of us are under no obligation to play along.
T Bohn 5
I have no problem with bonafide Service Dogs, professionally trained to assist blind or otherwise handicapped people. Emotional support animals however are a complete scam. Your Shitzu or Poodle will travel just fine in the cargo hold. Nobody wants to put up with. your panting, wining, or sneeze inducing cat or dog for several hours , least of all the passenger sitting next to you, or the crew that gets to deal with the related problems.
If you are so emotionally fragile and neurotic that you can’t travel without a pet, then maybe you should be on Greyhound or a boat....
darjr26 5
I read a similar article about this from a different news source. If I read it correctly animals can still be brought onboard but must be in a carrier and once airborne the dog can be removed from the carrier and held in the passenger’s lap. This seems like a pretty big loophole.
Wow, so much noise for really nothing!!
Yes, there is a loop hole where they can be classified as psychiatric assistive dogs, but paperwork still needs to be filled out and pre-approved. At least no pet sheep for the moment.
Greg Lonnberg 4
The dumbing down of America today and the tinker bell mentality of most people is lost on me. I would not be surprised if they need a crocodile partner for their mental instabilities. Maybe their croc doesn’t want to fly that day and he gets agitated and hungry, nobody is sympathetic to his fear of flying. A good idea for a new Samuel Jackson horror movie... “Crocodile Rock... Passenger 58”.
There's still a big loophole, so this "crack down" doesn't have much teeth to it.
tcavin 5
If a passenger needs an animal to be sane enough to fly.....I'd rather that passenger find some other mode of travel
Linda Stone -1
Do you feel the same way about wheelchairs? How about Down syndrome or autistic citizens?
Don’t judge until you have walked a mile in someone’s shoes jerkoff.
wayne holder 2
Nothing accomplished because of the loophole. Out come the red vests which can be bought online and there you have it. A self certified psychotic service animal trained by a psychotic owner.... SSDD
CampGirl 2
Another good reason to fly general aviation when possible. I am allergic to cats and some dogs. If I sit next to a cat or in a seat where a cat was my eyes will water, I will sneeze and may have trouble breathing. They would probably think I have Covid. Cat allergies are very common. Of course the "emotionally unstable" don't think about those who have actual physical discomfort due to their actions. If I was in a seat next to an animal that was making me miserable would they be able to move me a seat far away from that animal? I have no problem with a true service dog.
sc c 2
It is interesting that the pro support animal folks cannot express themselves without using an obscenity or reference to a bodily function. Possibly their comments are an indication that the writers are not only emotionally challenged but possibly intellectually diminished as well? Just Asking?.
sc c 2
frequent flyers would rather NOT share a row with the smelly little yappy dogs their owners carry on board. As for the Support pets I believe the term for the owners is "Tremulous Bed-Wetters"'
Hugging my pig got me through this devastating news.
Mike Williams 2
What was your pig's name?
David Seider 7
WhiteKnight77 3
All airlines should be able to ban any non-service animal from their aircraft. This will be welcome by both aircrew and the flying public.
a1brainiac 3
I flew from Anchorage to Minneapolis...sitting next to a man with a support dog. The most well behaved dog I've ever seen...did not move from his masters side for 5 hours. Then again...I love animals
M20ExecDriver 3
Vote me down but I don't want to fly with unstable people, period.
If they're so in need of an animal to board an aircraft, what are they going to do in an emergency
So the real “issue” is that people haven’t being paying the fee... i rather fly beside a dog than an unruly, crying, child!
Ron Romeg 7
And some adults, too.
jcalvagna 5
False dichotomy.
Patrick Smith 2
If the PAD covers schizophrenics, wouldn't that entitle them to take more than one dog?
Harry Venison 0
My idiot sister used to fly with her cat as an 'emotional support animal' She had connections. She only did this, because she was worried about his safety flying below.
If your sister paid for her cat to fly, no problem. For 17 years my cat traveled both in the cabin and below (temperature permitting), domestic and long-haul international. Yep, 'ESA' freebies are a scam.
sc c -1
Seeing Eye Dogs and Veterans with PTSD are excluded from this observation. I have more than 2 million miles on one airline and more than a million on various others. Pet owners that believe their dog is a person should consider that like the bad neighbor most fre First


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