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Most major airlines won't force employees to COVID vaccine, but will 'strongly encourage' it

Due to the nature of their work, many consumer-facing industries — and especially the travel industry — are currently determining their own processes for vaccinating their workforces, with some resolving to offer paid time-off for their employees to get their shots, and others outright mandating them. But while at least one major airline has said vaccines could be required for workers, others have taken a different approach. ( Mehr...

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Robert Cowling -9
Fox News kills.

An employee that refuses to get the vaccines that works in an industry that has proven itself to spread the virus, really needs to find another job. Like 2-weeks ago, by the incubation period of the virus. The new variants are possible shorter. Not only could they become infected, but the ninny could then infect other employees, and passengers.

I would think that 'Get the vaccines, or get another job' would be appropriate. Totally appropriate.

And Fox News really needs to get a soul and support humanity.
haroldrutila 4
Two questions: Why would an employee who has already contracted the virus and recovered need to get vaccinated when his immune system already has the necessary antibodies? And how can you justify mandating a vaccine for a virus that has been circulating for hardly a year?

Many of these workers have extremely sensitive medical certifications and cannot take risks with serums that we don’t fully understand. Nobody knows what the long term side effects are because it was produced and released in a very short time frame. Even if the vaccine works, it is pseudo-science to insist on its safety, and thereby mandate it, without a long-term study.
sparkie624 0
Once you get it you are immune for 3 months, after you are over it you cannot spread it for 3 months.. After that... You need the vaccination!
matt jensen 2
Mrna is not a vaccine. It changes your DNA.
Spencer Hoefer 7
Forcing a vaccine that many have mixed feelings about isn't the answer either.
Actually, it is, in this context.
Greg S 2
You mindlessly regurgitate the narratives of your echo chamber. I certainly hope that *everyone* gets the vaccine, but I also respect the *human right* that you get to decide what goes in your body.

Yes, that right does have to be balanced against public health needs, but that doesn't mean the right disappears entirely. And yes, private companies may decide to require employees to vaccinate for purely business reasons, like airlines with their *front-line employees*, but every effort should be made to accommodate personal choices. Your argument is fact-free and emotional rather than scientific and rational. Not everybody needs to get the vaccine in order to achieve herd immunity. Therefore, the correct policy is to make it voluntary and see what the adoption rate actually is. Only *if* the voluntary adoption rate is too low should more imperative measures be enacted.

People rightfully have some fears. The vaccine appears to be safe, but it's been developed faster than any other vaccine in history. If a vaccine has been tested for 12 months we can't be certain that side effects won't develop after 13 months. We can say we have no evidence of long-term side effects and that we are confident there aren't any, but there is no substitute for simply waiting to see what happens. Other people have irrational beliefs based on anti-vax gibberish, but that's life, you can't force people to believe.

Even more disgusting is your suggestion that Fox News (or any news organization) should slant it's coverage to achieve a certain social goal. They should report the news, not tell people what to think. You're attitude is reminiscent of the worst impulses of the authoritarian left we've been seeing recently.
dnorthern -2
You are a Nancy who needs helo. You are factually incorrect

Folks like you should self isolate so not to be a burden on society


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