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American Airlines extends ban on alcohol sales to main cabin passengers until 2022

American Airlines passengers will have to wait a little longer before alcohol sales resume in the main cabin. That is because the company has decided to extend its suspension of in-flight alcohol service until Jan. 18, 2022. "We are doing all we can to help create a safe environment for our crew and customers onboard our aircraft," American said in an internal memo obtained Thursday by NBC News. ( More...

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Jim Quinn 7
This implies that the people who cause the trouble could not possibly be in the first class section... Before you flame me please consider this to be a thought that first came to mind and not necessarily an attack on any particular group.
I think it’s more about $$ than character of travelers. Also, front section is smaller, easier to manage than the teeming masses in back.
And people not crowded together perhaps somewhat less irritable.
avionik99 -2
It implies that the people in First Class paid 10 times that of coach and it would be highly unlikely they would disrupt the flight. Unlike the "people of wal-mart" paying $39 to fly in coach!
ADXbear 3
Great idea, of course the company needs to have the bars tone it down, or you will need to refuse boarding of impaired passengers.. very dangerous in an emergency to have to deal with a drunk..
David Isaacs 4
Thank you, American. This should at least reduce some of the madness.
this will not prevent "crazies" from being beligerant on an airplane..if they can still purchase a drink or two in the gate lobby bar or restaurant,and can walk and talk,the alcohol will still be in their system..i cannot tell you the number of times i have smelled alcohol on on someone,yet they seemmed perfectly "normal"..i suppose aa feels this is the only thing they can do at present..
Great idea. Selling Alcohol on airlines reminds me of selling gasoline to children - you know it's not going to end well.
But the problem is that some people react to alcohol on one extreme (I get really quiet, and calm), and other people (my brother, get really obnoxious) act differently.

Industrial drinkers aren't going to sit for this. They will be sneaking as much alcohol as they think they can get way with.

Alcohol is a 'sin tax' that helps fund air travel in America. Ever bought a beer in an airport? Ever thought of how much it costs, and how much all that adds up to? Someone could buy the whole brewery on what people are charged for beer in an airport. Try to get crack out of the hands of a crack addict next time. It's hard...


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