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Woman Fined $29K After Refusing to Mask Up on JetBlue Flight

A woman heading from Boston to Orlando, Florida, on a JetBlue flight earlier this year has been hit with a $29,000 fine after refusing to wear a face mask and allegedly striking a fellow passenger, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The woman, who is said to have also “shouted obscenities” at the flight crew, is among dozens of people to face steep fines for “unruly behavior” on air travel since the start of 2021, the FAA said in a statement on Thursday. ( More...

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saries 21
I thought this was an aviation forum. Getting really sick of all the political bullsh!t permeating everything. Can't we just get back to the Boeing vs. Airbus hate speech?
Cleffer 7
Harry Venison 3
Amen to that !
If it has something to do with a mask I swear someone just has to post it.
That is just as bad
Cleffer 0
No it isn't.
Boeing this Boeing that , surely we could say something positive about them instead of all this negativity .
Cleffer 2
OK, I'll give you that. =)
thank you
Scott Campbell 16
Hit her with something that will really help the rest of us, 10 YEAR BAN from flying and then before a judge to reinstate
ADXbear 16
I agree with her being added to no fly list for 10yrs... that's for any airline! This has to stop!

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Edward Bardes 6
If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
a1brainiac 5
These people that cause problems in flight....should be BANNED from RVER flying on any carrier
so how do they collect the fines? i doubt many passengers have tens of thousands of dollars just sitting around.
Fine might not get paid but the lawyer will.
Ben Gibbs 3
If the airline wanted to they could go through the process to get her wages garnished. If this lady files for bankruptcy she may be able to get the court to dismiss it.
Edward Bardes 2
I'm pretty sure that's the objective.
RECOR10 -9
Never let reality get into the emotions of the idiot liberals. They like nothing more than trying to destroy lives.
Mario Kropf 4
In some countries the law and the consequences of causing a fracas on board of a commercial flight is treated quite differently. It falls into the category of "endangering a means of public transport" and calls for a mandatory prison sentence - just like trying to derail a train. Nothing like six weeks in the clink to teach people some manners.
Max Simmons 3
Only in America would you read this drivel.
Too many drinks at the airport bar. Fine the bar for over-serving or close the bars altogether. I believe that high cabin altitudes amplifies the affect of alcohol on the brain.
David Simpson 2
The people issuing the fines is the Federal Government. They can collect by using IRS!~!!
Stewart Smith 2
Not withstanding masks being of dubious benefit, for the time being, a mask mandate is reasonable. BUT, the consequences of non-compliance should not be "over-the-top".
alan75035 2
Freedumb isn't free....
I guess its to remind people what can happen. Airlines like any consumer business want you to be happy and to charge you as much as possible. Profits depend on fast turnaround without disruption.
They want staff overworked and underpaid to at least feel happy when the only tip they get is a punch in the mouth. Walk in their shoes and thank them. If your biggest problem in life is wearing a mask thank god.
Gary Phillips 1
Large fines should slow future events.
Brian Freeman 1
I hope these reporters will write follow-up stories detailing the dollar amount these people actually pay when all is said and done. I guarantee you the true amount paid will be pennies on the dollar, if anything at all. It's completely unrealistic and nothing more than saber rattling by the FAA to think these low lives would even be capable of paying five figure fines. Most of these people don't even have houses or assets that equal that amount the government could seize. Perhaps a lengthy work release program of having them work the lavatory dump out would be more effective punishment...
Tommy Allen 1
Cleffer 0
"When the whole world is running towards the cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind." - C.S. Lewis
lyn williams 1
And then some bright monkey figures out one of the two groups is actually moving the cliff........
lyn williams 1
Being tested day of flight would be actually useful. Test positive and you don't fly.

I've had enough of the politiHATE and 'off with their head' types. This whole mess has devolved into something that isn't even remotely related to aviation. Yall keep it....I'll pass.
Ken Lane 1
That is what is required for many, if not all, international flights. My wife going to Canada earlier in the year was cancelled. The tests requirements on each end would cost more than the flight. It's insane right along with mask requirements which do not work.
lyn williams 1
It depends on what country you are departing. I recently went to Mexico during the time that testing was required prior to departure. The Hotels generally offered a 24 hour testing service at a cost of $35. That was NOT true of the test that I had prior to leaving the US. That cost was a mere $350.00.

I would think that some really innovative testing experts would see an opportunity to develop a test Kiosk. Get the American, let me find the right word...oh yes...'labor'.... out of the equation and it could possibly be very profitable not to mention useful. Having the test results data could actually be useful in solving the hot spot problems.
No flights every again for this idiot.
Dave Mathes 1
....ypu can't fix stupid.....

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Ken Lane 3
Clearly, you slept through the history of WWII.

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Jay Hannan 7
Unfortunately, by you laughing at them like you’re still in high school and part of the “popular” kids group shows you’re also part of the problem. Most people say their against bullying, liberals and conservatives alike, but then they go and belittle someone for a shirt or hat they’re wearing in public. Why? So they can feel superior for once with a majority behind them? That is childish. It seems like you may have learned nothing in our education system either. But I’d say the education system didn’t fail. It’s the lack of compassion and character that have been lost. It doesn’t take education to grasp these basic tenants of life. Those crayon eaters are the ones who question why something is not done and have to find out themselves. I guess by your logic the ‘normal kid’ simply does what’s told without question because someone much cooler or powerful than them said so.
Benny Blanco 1
well said!
Benny Blanco -5
wow you sound like such a smart guy calling trump voters idiots but, I guess you voted for Biden, a big LYING FRAUD!, he has done more damage to this country in 6 months than any president in our history! -and you're proud of that??, rethink your words and figure out who's the the real idiot!, and YES!, he STOLE the election.

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Cleffer -9
It's simply all about money. Sell the vaccinations. Sell the boosters. More will come. We're all paying for it. It's just not coming directly out of the your pocket. When money is involved, trust no one. We should know this by now.

The variants of COVID weren't caused by the unvaccinated any more than the variants of common influenza (Where'd that go by the way?) that we see every single year.

The internet has made us brazen and bold. The media causes us to pick up pitchforks against each other. Everyone needs to chill the hell out.
Odd that I paid NOTHING for the two vaccines I was given Not One Cent! Actually I haven't paid anything for any of the necessary vaccines I've gotten. I've paid in time waiting, but even that was about 5 minutes waiting for the shot, and the 20 minutes to wait afterwards. In, jab, out. Free... FREE!!!

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Greg S 3
Thanks Robert for putting on the dunce cap, it fits you perfectly. In fact, you cannot help yourself, you put on every time.

"...He LOVES himself..."

Wow, talk about projection! You are the most arrogant moron by far on these forums.
Brian Watts -4
Robert might be an arrogant moron, but he is an arrogant moron who makes a lot of sense.
Robert Cowling -1
ME wear the dunce cap? What a laugh! You don't even know how this whole election thing works!

I majored in government in college, and minored in University.

Ask and psychologist alive what the percentage of incumbents losing their election is. Hell, it's so powerful that a GOP 'animal' legally changed his name to the last name of an incumbent JUST SO HE COULD WIN! (I think he was either barred from the ballot, or his petition to change his name was refused, but it was a wicked and cowardly idea)

Read some books, take some classes, ask questions of people that know how things really work in this country.

Do you remember the guy that died a month before an election? People shuffled into the voting booth and overwhelmingly voted for THE DEAD INCUMBENT!!! They voted for a dead guy because he *was* in office, and the recognized his name. Plain and simple....
Ken Lane -3
Trump lost because of crooked acts in the electoral process.

Election officials in several states violated the laws of their respective states. That is also a constitutional issue.

You're ignorant of it because the liberal media wants you to be.

Why do you think we didn't see mass reporting of Hunter's laptop, the taking of a laptop by Russians and Joe's outright admitting of pressuring Ukraine of firing a prosecutor or be denied funds... the very thing Trump was accused of and impeached for but did not actually commit?

Educate yourself.
Sounds like you're the one who needs an education.
When the recounters in Arizona found that trend, they were shocked. They expected the voting to still trend heavy trump, and expected to see a surge of democratic voters, but when they found the pattern of so many voters literally not voting for trump, it shocked them. They began to realize that so many republican voters hated trump's antics and histrionics, and victimization, and crimes, that they flat out Did Not Vote For Him. In a state that had straight ticket options to chose one box for all of the republican candidates, so many voters deliberately voted individual candidates, and did not vote for him. And that pattern was also apparent in most states. Even states he did manage to win, there were still surprising numbers of GOP voters that did not vote for him. Specifically did not vote for him.

Nothing was stolen that he didn't give away. By 'being him', he showed his true worth, and a surprisingly large number of people said 'NOPE!!!'. He LOST fair and square, and couldn't handle it. He's a bully and a coward, and he threw away his own election chances. His loss was all on him.
Oh, Ken...

'Why didn't we see mass reporting of Hunter's laptop'? Because it was a joke. It was a 'red herring'. It was, to quote your God, 'Fake News'.

The Ukraine prosecutor was a joke. He was a Russian puppet, and was hated by most of the responsible government in Ukraine. His leaving office was heralded as a very positive change for their country. Seriously!

Ken, I think you need to do more research than the spoon fed pablum from right wing media, and realize that Fox News, and OAN only tell you what they know you will be angry over. They lie, they obfuscate, they even refuse to cover issues that they realize will refute their fake news.

They want you ignorant, and angry, and you make their job so easy. Too easy...
godutch -5
The election has been over for almost 10 months and Robert's side 'won'* (quotation marks and asterisk). This loathsome fool is STILL talking about Trump. Speaking of sick, Robert has a VERY bad case of CNN-MSNBC-CBS-NBC-ABC-WAPO-NYT-Trump-Derangement-Syndrome. This dude is sick...REALLY SICK!
I assume you're talking about Trump . Right .
The only people with tRump derangement syndrome are the MAGA maggots, they just can’t over a conman.
Ken Lane 4
Yet, you people voted for someone who barely appeared all year long before the election and not much since, has his audio cut off, refers to his staff yelling at him and bumbles more questions than a toddler, even with his pocket cards.

Then, he botches a major military exercise that puts tens of thousands of US citizens at risk while giving terrorists access to billions in US military equipment and you still put him on a pedestal. Who's the fool here?
And yet, as a Trump fan and medical is very fun to cherry-pick who we employ and who we treat as patients. We seriously check social media before working with anyone new (there is a waiting list). I guess firing an pro-Biden transgender sexually deviant (he/she told us stories) was a hate crime...I am good with that.
James Simms -3
Speaking abt yourself?
Benny Blanco -2
You must like fraudulent liars too, stick your head back in the sand pal
Jeffrey Miller -1
They say you can’t fix stupid and you prove it right again!
RECOR10 -3
So, all humans then, correct. We will leave out how worthless the ignorant masks are.

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And you got your medical degree from ?
And a hearty Heil Hitler to you.

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So is the ban on guns aboard aircraft unconstitutional, how about smoking? Can they mandate I wear clothing on commercial flights? If I have porn on my IPAD should I not be allowed to pleasure myself during flight, how dare they compromise my freedums. Stupid idiot dragging up Iwo Jima, Normandy (not Normanday) Okinawa etc. I suggest you get a football or hockey helmet enough damage has been done.
I guess in your mind , the only ones with constitutional rights are the anti maskers .
cyberjet -5
It’s a medical miracle folks. This specimen has clearly suffered brain death and yet is still able to operate a keyboard.
RECOR10 -3
Um, or he is 100% correct, can read and did some (hard to find research). Hell, FB blocked (MTV) Dr. Drew for ASKING if some of the rumors may be true. Best case scenario, these terrorists who are killing at the airports in Trashcanistan end up in the US (and they will) and instead of flying into another big building...they exterminate everyone @ FB. I would then convert to the religion of peace...Islam....(gag)
Kent Heaton -3
Look what these mask mandates are causing. People refuse to take it anymore. They don't work and people are sick of being controlled like animals for a non-lethal cold.
Paul F Harris 4
Please don't stop taking your meds put on ur tinfoil hat and there is a rubber room 4 u with ur name on it
this covid19 is very deadly and kills lots of people just say that 2 the families of the thousands of people who have died because of covid19 and see what they do to u
Ken Heaton another trumpie supporter
s s -4
Love how these "news" stories from months ago are being used to make people think there's a CRISIS IN THE SKIES! Millions and millions of passengers and a few drunk, drugged or mentally impaired fools who do little more than make an embarrassing scene get headlines. These things are so rare you'd probably have to take a flight everyday for years to have a chance of witnessing one and even then it wouldn't be more than a "By the way, there was some idiot on my flight today and we had to taxi back to the gate so they could take them off the plane. Almost missed my connection."
Joao Ponces -3
STOP flying!!!!! Those bastards will go out of business!!! I agree on using masks, and stop entering the public transports for people who do not use! But this is not only ridiculous, but AGAINST the Constitution!!!!!

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