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Southwest is giving flight attendants and pilots DoorDash to make up for staffing issues

Southwest Airlines will give pilots and flight attendants DoorDash memberships starting October 12. The US is currently experiencing a labor shortage, caused by numerous political and social factors. Some workers, including flight attendants, told Insider they have quit due to on-the-job abuse. Southwest Airlines is giving flight attendants and pilots a six-month DoorDash subscription that will cover delivery fees and reduce service fees for purchases, The Dallas Morning News reported. The… ( Mehr...

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s s 7
Oh wow, a limited subscription to something that will bring junk food right to your door without even needing to get off the couch! That's a real "perk"! Meanwhile... LET'S GO BRANDON!
srobak 7
If you want to make up for the staffing issues - then revoke the policy you have put in place which has generated the staffing issues. Period.
Mark Kortum 2
The SW Pilots and Flight Attendants should be forever grateful to their benevolent management team. What the heck is Door Dash?
Ken Lane 2
This is one of the dumbest forms of "compensation" ever provided.

I have a better idea.... respect the individual sovereignty of employees and stop forcing them to take a vaccine against their will, let alone refusing religious exemptions.
mary susan watkins 1
OK..from this article southwest is providing what is known as the "dashpass"for f/as and cockpit crew members..having used door dash myself i will tell you its NOT a membership,but rather a service you pay for in advance that deletes the delivery fees for food orders..the delivery fee varies but is generally around $5.99 per order, and then you add the tip..its an ok "perc", but not that much incentive..i wish southwest the best with their current problems..
W P -5
wow, great incentive to get the jab and risk blood clots, seizures, paralysis. No thanks. Maybe they should incentivize them by saying if you have an adverse reaction, we will pay all your medical bills and keep you on salary until you are fully recovered.

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Brian Freeman -1
A free membership to a business that engages in racist practices is hardly compensation.

What's next - give them free entry to a Trump rally??
s s 0
Give them free firearms and I'll be begging for a job.

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