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Southwest Airlines Not Done Yet With Boeing 737 MAX Orders

Southwest Airlines continues its buying-mood by adding more Boeing MAX 7s to its fleet. During the third quarter, the carrier exercised options on eight aircraft for delivery in 2022 while on the first day of Q4 on October 1, it did the same for another eight for delivery in 2023, it said in its Q3-results. More firm orders are likely this year, as Southwest is not done yet with MAX orders. ( More...

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chalet 2
I have flown SW a couple of times. Enough. I flew a number of sectors on AeroMéxico 737-8 supposedly Business Class. I am only 5-11 but I had to turn out a bit for my knees kept on hitting the front seat. Width-wise OK but inflight service, just like SW and costing thrice as much on a seat-mile basis. Enough.
william baker 3
Bet this upsets MH370 just a little LOL
jaymeinen 4
What does MH370 have to do with it? Please explain.
Larry Toler 10
He's one of those if it's Boeing I ain't going. He's an Airbus guy all the way. I find the comments funny, though. To me, if it got wings and it flies, I'm good despite the manufacturer.
george val 4
Boeing makes the best product! I have flown all the classics, B727/737/747. If it's Boeing I am definitely going!!
william baker 3
Thank you. I couldnʻt have said it better myself.
victorbravo77 2
A lot, I hope.
darjr26 2
Southwest is the main reason there is a 737 Max. They heavily influenced Boeing to build it so they could continue with one aircraft type. As SWA gets bigger and bigger I think they are heading toward some real operational problems. They have great PR but that has nothing to do with operating a huge fleet of aircraft flying all over North America. To paraphrase an old saying “if you’re going to put all your aircraft in the same basket, you better not drop it”.

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jbqwik 12
Having parts and maintenance commonality is a biggie. Also, Boeing is likely being aggressive on pricing right now. Unfortunately, for us Americans it's too often the bottom line that rules.
Robert Cowling -2
Oh, I get it. It's a big draw, having commonality, but all of the 737 models aren't exactly the same. There are quirks between the different models.

If all you have is a hammer, everything better be a nail. I flew 3/4's of the way across the country, in an RJ9. The seats are like stadium seats. The noise level is higher. The lav access is more limited. By the time I got off that plane, I walked like a cowboy, and it hurt... The carrier stopped using that model for that flight shortly after I 'enjoyed' that experience. I took that flight because there wasn't a plane change at the hub, so I stayed on the plane, and out of the scrum in the terminal. Yikes... I've been on 737's and felt the same way, uncomfortable seats, limited lavs. Ironic that Southwest has turned the 737 into an 'air bus'.
Lewis Tripp 3
Pure BS
Larry Toler 2
Do some TATL flights on a C130. That CRJ9 in a real seat and not a nylon web troop bench is a lot more comfortable. I did fly empty once on a C141B back from Aalborg, Denmark to my home base of Ramstein with a wicked hangover. Those troop seats allowed me to and sleep it off on that two hour flight.
bentwing60 5
Well' 'I'm kind tired of lookin' up and quotin' the epic fails of AB flight crew/computer guru interface crashes, but AF447 and AF296 were not exactly third world airline events and the MAX events didn't have the sharpest tools in the front seats! Who knows who will crash what or where next, but my guess is it will result in either a Boeing Bash or AB acquittal.
Ed Kostiuk 4
Excellent replay. It seems to be typical of some that they only find ONE error to blame instead of actually reading a full-blown NTSB report to determine the multitude of errors that caused the fatal crash. Nowadays one doesn't even have to read one of the channels that have a one-hour special on why planes crash or something like that. For those that don't have an aviation education, they can watch TV and be an expert while commenting on Flight Aware.
Larry Toler 1
I'm thinking optimistic but I think you may be too harsh on this. When I used to fly regional I did dog WN for being Greyhound of the skies. What do I know, I was just a lowly flight attendant on EMB145's and J41's. To me if it had wings and flies it paid me the same. That said, our mx updated the EMB145 frequently with software updates. Even though I'm not the one at the wheel I would read any AD'S and updated GOM's for our aircraft and of course my job being in the cabin. I joked around a lot but I would take Crew Resource Management very seriously. It carried over from my Air Force days. Any maintenance issues with my aircraft I want to know. By right my job was to inspect just the pax cabin but I would also check the flight deck for any MEL labels and I would discuss with my pilots to ensure we're all on the same page so we don't have any surprises in flight.
Now I'm thinking about it, if I were on a bigger aircraft with more than one flight attendant without my interests in aviation and logistics, good CRM maybe out the window despite Boeing or Airbus where you have more than just a crew of two pilots and one flight attendant/loadmaster.


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