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Southwest CEO tests positive for Covid, days after unmasked Senate hearing with other airline chiefs

Senators quizzed 4 airline executives during the three-hour US Senate hearing. Southwest’s CEO Kelly, other witnesses and lawmakers didn’t wear masks. The airline (Southwest)said Kelly had tested negative for Covid in the days before the hearing. United’s CEO Scott Kirby, who sat to Kelly’s left in the hearing, tested negative for Covid as of Friday 17 Dec, according to a person familiar with the matter. American’s CEO Doug Parker “is symptom-free, fully vaccinated and getting tested this… ( More...

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hal pushpak 2
Umm.. Vaccinations don't "prevent" infection. They boost your immune response to fend off the consequences after the virus enters -- with varying degrees of effectiveness depending on the individual and circumstances. In other words you can still test positive and never get sick, or mildly so.
Michael Yentzer 2
Nice and simple good job.
mbrews 1
Yes, concise, to the point, on topic. Southwest CEO positive days after Senate hearing with Airline Chiefs
Cwillis44 3
CEO is fully vaccinated
CEO joins meeting to discuss vaccine mandates
CEO gets covid
mary susan watkins 1
a virus is a livng organism and it goes where it can find someone to attach itself to!it has become apparent that the newest strain,omichron, is more contagious than the delta verson or the original, but supposedly less has been reported pfizer is now working on a vaccine for that particular has to believe we are all just "fresh meat" for this never ending virus,and even the more "elite" and those vaccinated CAN still be infected,even if in a lesser fashion..the mask wearing and precautions should continue for those flying and for those employed by the airlines..
Michael Yentzer 1
Again Mask are nearly worthless against this variant unless the mask is made of material that is equivalent to N95 and 100% of all the airflow goes through the Mask material. And once the mask is touched by the wearer's had to pull up any bacteria or virus are deposited on the material or flow thru the mask reducing it effectiveness. Airliner Air circulation is some of the most cleansed inside air today. The best defense against the Covid is not inadequate mask is a strengthen immune system, Vax help but natural immunity is best. Remember even the Vax does not prevent spread or infection. Good old Fresh outside air and Sunshine is the best Vax killer as Most bugs and Bacteria is dead and harmless after 3ft to 6Ft fresh sun bathed outside air. Mask is a large % of the population do more harm then help by lowering blood 02 and raising CO2 and CO levels.
Michael Yentzer -6
We must be clear, unless you are wearing a Half Mask with near HEPA Filters a cloth or even a N95 face mask does you no good to stop you from taking in the 6 Micro Covid virus. Bottom line is that most masks are protecting the individual, and in fact the Mask may be more harm than good. Issues with masks are:
1. must have a seal to the face in such a manner that 100% of the air taken in or exhale goes through the mask material. A mask that meets this condition will become extremely uncomfortable with in 30 minutes or so. Note: Men's facial hair must be removed where the mask seal meets the face, the seal is therefore broken, and air will bypass the mask material.
2. any mask that is touched by your hands will contaminate the filtering Material and the more you touch the Mask the more it becomes contaminate the more like the virus will migrate into your mouth and nose and Mouth.
3. Most of the public have no Idea on how to wear a mask and therefore when put on the effectiveness of the filtering material is highly bypassed by the individual's breathing. See the Male Facial Hair issue above on example.
4. After a short period of mask wearing the filtering material becomes an idea location of the harboring of other bugs and bacteria and their growth. In short, the mask material has finite life because of contamination and growing bacteria harmful to humans.
5. As material of the masks become more effective the strain on the lungs is increased and the level of Blood O2 drop to the point that over about 15 minutes the wear begins to lose mental functions and in some compromised individuals Fog brain and the dropsy become elevated.
Bottom line: Masks are next to worthless in prevention or even spreading even if it is a well fitted N95 because you will likely have to raise it back in position and once touch it is compromised.
Final Note: Wears of Masks converse less than non-wearers and Mask mandates are more likely to be used as political censorship tools than to prevent the spread of the Covid Viruses.
Thank you Dr. Michael .
Michael Yentzer 2
I am not a doctor, just both educated in the use of Masks and self-educated through research.
avionik99 0
What he says is true. Those little blue cloth masks they hand out everywhere? Useless! No seal whatsoever!
They still filter about 75 % of what the person breathes out , their intended function .
avionik99 -3
The covid vaccine is very poor at preventing the spread of this flu. I know I was fully vaxed and still got the covid flu. This is the first flu I have ever had in my 65 yrs. And I got it after a vaccine??? It does not work well so cannot be forced on anyone


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