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The Ruling Against the Airplane Mask Mandate Could Make Future Pandemics Worse

On Monday, Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle struck down the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s public transportation mask mandate—and, in the process, rendered the United States even more unprepared for the next pandemic. ( More...

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Dawson Jessop 7
Let freedom reign. :)
I swear some people just want masks to be required forever.
Dawson Jessop 6
Yeah, I say if they want to wear them go ahead but, don’t force me too.
Mike Mohle 1
The US is "unprepared for the next 'pandemic'" due to actions of the CDC, and their ineptness, exclusively. CDCNIH is DIRECTLY responsible for the last one as they funded the research that could not be contained in a lab and was released on the world.
Dawson Jessop 1
They’re trying to destroy our country, constitution and freedoms we enjoy.


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