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Boeing’s 737 MAX 10 Regulatory Delays Threaten $16 Billion Bonanza

Boeing Co. may be moving to Washington, but right now it needs Washington to move. Regulatory delays are bogging down the launch of a new jet model with an estimated $16 billion in potential orders, threatening the planemaker’s comeback in the critical market for midsize jets. With Airbus SE holding a lopsided sales lead, repairing relations with regulators and lawmakers is crucial for Boeing as it shifts headquarters to the nation’s capitol after two decades in Chicago. ( Mehr...

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patrick baker 8
If boeing were to begin making once again reliable, well conceived and executed jets that were safe to fly and fly in, then this obstruction in 777x and 787 would be resolved, and deliveries could resume. Not until. Boeing may as well move headquarters to South Beach so everyone can have a year round tan, but until the engineering, design and manufacturing start meshing and the executives and the board suddenly learn how to lead and oversee correctly, no changes can occur. Boeing must perform, and the feds are correct in crimping the company's style until they do so.
Maybe Boeing can move to Europe and convince the authorities there that they build quality plains and don't really need oversight, just let them certify themselves. I mean, what could go wrong? I'm sure the EU would welcome them with open arms.
Regulatory Delays ! ? ! I'd say Booing is lucky to be on probation and not shut down for their crimes . . .
Greg S 0
The FAA should put more resources into the review if that would help but absolutely no shortcuts!


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