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Boeing needs to get its s*** together, Ryanair CEO says

New York (CNN Business)The CEO of Ryanair let loose a scathing, obscenity-laden attack on Boeing management Monday, saying company executives need either an immediate "reboot, or a boot up the a**." ( More...

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jbqwik 5
Management lost their most important asset -loyalty and satisfaction from their workers- decades ago and soon after the MD merge when the focus shifted from quality to stock holder returns. Lots of water under the bridge, all management shortsightedness, and very difficult to make that bad taste in employees mouths to go away.
Chris B 2
Read a similar article the other day. But it's still Boeing that fixes the prices, not the customer.

He's lucky. Some airlines have the Max, 777x and 787 on order. That's a headache.
Mark Ryalls 1
So sad that Boeing management has lost its once proud position in commercial aviation. Complacency, refusal to continuing the legacy they earned in the past. They need to return to past ideals.


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