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China fighter jet intercepts Australian plane

Australia has accused the pilot of a Chinese fighter jet of carrying out a dangerous manoeuvre near one of its aircraft over the South China Sea. It says the Chinese aircraft released flares and cut in front of the Australian surveillance plane. ( Mehr...

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lynx318 15
China pride and paranoia are surfacing.
Danny Thompson 12
Maybe the Australian craft should return the favor right up the exhaust. Just report it as returning lost trash.
mbrews 6
Further from the referenced article -

"It says the Chinese aircraft released flares and cut in front of the Australian surveillance plane.

The Chinese jet then released "chaff" - an anti-radar device which includes small pieces of aluminium which entered the Australian plane's engine. "
Dale Johnson 4
"But the US, neighbouring countries and others, including Australia, dispute its claim." China keeps doing what it's doing. Lot of good that does. China wants complete control over the s. china sea. Don't be surprised if China sets up shop right next to Australia and New Zealand then starts dictating the terms Au and NZ can use the shipping lanes and airspace.
lynx318 5
That's why they're chumming up to the Solomon Islands
Alan Carpenter 3
Saber rattling by a country marching into a calamity of war they have brought on themselves. Ask the Japanese what happens when you awakened the sleeping giant.
Dennis Stockton 3
and China claimed this flight violated their sovereignty.
Juan Jimenez 3
Soy sauce bois are getting desperate.
Dale Johnson 2
China still thinks of the United States as a paper tiger.
o 艹 2
China rejected this fact and insisted that the Australian warplanes had violated them. This shows their stubbornness.
Bob Harrington 1
I understand the P-8 can carry Harpoon missiles; seems like a Sidewinder shouldn't be a major problem...

"Damndest thing I ever saw - that chaff shorted out the launch relay!"

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Neil Ward 25
It wasn't "poking the tiger" as you put it. It was flying in international airspace
mbrews 14
I understand your point, and would agree about the Bear.

There are maps showing the intercept took place (I believe) in the vicinity of the Phillipines. Whats being contested are the South China sea shipping lanes.

Cat-and-mouse surveillance among great powers have been going on since the 1950s - in the air and underseas (submarines)

The chaff dispersal controversy is 100% about safer rules of engagement. as discussed elsewhere on this forum
tpmorrow 20
Is Kevin Keswick a Russian bot? I see that he's posted similarly inane statements in another item in this week's FlightAware newsletter.
Greg S 6
Yes, he is, and his name is not Kevin Keswick. He just another "Olgino troll", named for the neighborhood of St. Petersburg where the first office space was for Putin troll factory.
o 艹 0
I laughed because of your comment
Etienne Daniels 3
Russians have been provoking their European counterparts on numerous occasions. If I would be the minister of defence of the country that is on duty I would order them to shoot them down.


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