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Thousands more flights canceled across the U.S. as summer travel season heats up

Airlines in the U.S. canceled numerous flights for a second straight day on Friday as they try to recover from severe storms while accommodating growing crowds of summer vacationers. By midmorning in the eastern U.S., airlines had scrubbed more than 1,000 flights after canceling more than 1,700 on Thursday, according to tracking service FlightAware. Airports with the most cancellations were those in Charlotte, North Carolina, a major hub for American Airlines; LaGuardia and Newark Liberty in the… ( Mehr...

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Paul Wisgerhof 1
Europe is in the same boat. Brussels airport is closed this morning due to a strike by their security folks. London Heathrow has complete baggage chaos for checked baggage in Terminals 2 & 3. They are asking the airlines to cut 10,000 flights to/from LHR between now and September.
aknorris 1
Agree that Europe is struggling too, but chaos over there caused by massive strikes doesn't compare at all to what is going on elsewhere. That's very much an apples vs oranges comparison.
Unfortunately, news from earlier today suggests the strokes are going to get much worse -- and likely more widespread -- before they get better.
avionik99 1
Airlines should be very heavily fined for cancelling any flight because of lack of manpower or resources. They know what they can and cannot support beforehand. Causing this great of disruption in people's lives should come to them at a very very steep price!
Dustin Lindgren -2
I’m sure this has nothing to do with all of the vaccine injuries….. wtf?
bentwing60 1
Big pharma and the new mic, (sellout 'medical industrial complex') adherents will sully your vote here as I suspect Buyers remorse is setting in. Cheers.


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