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The Mad, Mad Summer of 2022

In Ask the Pilot… The Mad, Mad Summer of 2022. In 30 years of commercial flying, I've never seen anything like this. ( More...

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bartmiller 8
A good and on-point article.

The general aviation flip side of this problem includes shortage of mechanics at the FBOs, shortage of CFIs, and massive supply chain delays on parts and overhauls. My TR182 was down for 11 MONTHS waiting for the engine overhaul, with one SNAFU after another.
Duane Mader 9
Same kind of problem. Become an A&P and make poverty wages while taking on MD level responsibility
The entire aviation industry was trying to get off cheap so new talent was going elsewhere for employment. There's no shortage of applicants at the trades schools these days.

And Mr Mader's comment is spot on. A maintenance technician/A&P can be held liable for any oversight in repair or installation. They aren't paid enough for the level of responsibility.

Boyd Ellison 1
I guess I was lucky to wait only four months for a new cylinder earlier this year.
Matt Reardon 4
Well yes, what we have as with inflation are the second and higher order reverberations of the stupidity of governmental Covid policies that not only did not stop the virus but as i interpret the overall data (longitudinal variations in incidence and mortality rates) actually made things far worse that they otherwise would have been if the only measures taken were isolated to the highest risk groups. Just as these pilots are seeing, and i too on recent trip to New Orleans and back (just barely) what i saw during the so called Covid pandemic was unprecedented in my long medical (MD) career. When i tell people that no i was not busy as a matter of fact was actually layed off b/c of so few sick patients, they dont believe it. But i work in a very large tourist dominated city where in previous influenza pandemics sick, very sick people during the flu season were everywhere and many very very sick. Not so over the past 2 years. Furthermore the medical profession bought into the fear and panic, threw basic well proven medical principals into the trash and participated fully in the idiocy.
fortunately over the past year the doctors have started retrieving the most basic principles of medical decision making and echeloned care from the dumpster. The results? Much much lower hospitalization rates, nearly negligible mortality rates, generally milder covid. What happened during this much milder pandemic was that media instigated fear and panic overwhelmed everything and lead to ridiculously stupid political 'solutions' that killed people , worsened the disease, deprived us of basic freedoms and cost us trillions of dollars, took massive amounts of production capacity off line, and consequently triggered significant inflation. once the ineffective stupid restrictions were lifted. At that point massive rebound demand esp for travel ignited costly fuel and travel-related inflation as industries struggleto bring back staffing, processes , and resources to meet the huge demand surges. By now the majority are realizing the media and politicians duped everyone and the medical profession did far more harm than good. We can all be ashamed, but let us learn and let us remember that courage and remaining calm and judicious even under them most disconcerting of occasions is our best defense against the incredibly harmful effects of politician stupidity driven by conceding to a contagion of irrational fear.
Kevin Keswick -7
Notice that the writer (a pilot) doesn't mention the big fat elephant in the room? He doesn't mention the affect that covid vaccine mandates had on pilot and airline crew staffing levels!

Thousands of pilots chose early retirements instead of submitting to a medical experiment as a condition of employment. Many younger pilots who refused the experimental injections were fired. Of the tens of thousands of pilots who did submit to the vaccine mandates how many are vaccine injured with - as an example - myocarditis which means that they are grounded for life? They will never be able to get a medical certificate with permanent heart damage. And then sadly how many pilots died from the experimental injections? You can bet there are some! Nobody wants to talk about this!

The writer says "Almost nobody predicted a return to 2019 numbers so soon". Yeah who could have predicted that after two years of people not being able to travel anywhere that there would be this big sudden surge in travel? The airline industry was given $54 billion so as to retain employees to avoid pilot shortages (that's as much $$ as has been sent to the money laundering operation in Ukraine). Instead they encouraged their employees to take early retirement or get fired.

Jimmy Dore covered the pilot shortage in a recent broadcast which you can watch here >> "The REAL Reason Airlines Are Canceling 1000’s Of Flights"
Peter Fuller 10
“Thousands of pilots chose early retirements instead of submitting to a medical experiment as a condition of employment. Many younger pilots who refused the experimental injections were fired.”

What is the basis for these claims? Absent verifiable evidence, these are assertions, not facts. A YouTube video by a stand-up comedian conspiracy theorist does not qualify as verifiable evidence.


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