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Alaska Airlines Pilot And Co-pilot Argue In Front Of Passengers Before Turning Plane Around

A pilot and co-pilot on an Alaska Airlines flight engaged in a verbal dispute in front of their passengers. According to Business Insider, the incident occurred on July 18 on a flight from DC’s Dulles International Airport bound for San Francisco International Airport. ( Mehr...

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Highflyer1950 11
Whatever the dis-agreement, it should have been handled behind closed doors away from the public. The reason is not important but what is, that the crew and more specifically, the Captain if unable to settle a discussion/dispute then calmly return to the gate and let operations do their thing. Do not act out like the WWE or a spoiled brat, they get paid a lot of money to act & be professional.
jbqwik 7
Unprofessional at best; dangerous at worst: Imagine the many scenarios this could have evolved into if disagreement had continued after takeoff.
homburge 1
Actually, none of the published news accounts that I looked up say *what* the disagreement was about, other than a personality/professional conflict. So my guess is that the disagreement was indeed handled (and clearly happened) behind the locked cockpit door, during the taxi, contrary to the attention-grabbing headline.

Further, I (as a pilot) am impressed that the captain decided to not make the flight rather than commanding the FO to follow along and get along, say.

To me, it is much more in the interest of safety to take the plane back to the gate rather than continue a cross-the-country flight with a crew not in tune with each other.
jbqwik 1
Good points all. As you know, the pressure to make a flight is always 'on'. So, that this was deconflicted while on the ground is probably best case.
HOLY COW!!i understand workplace disputes whether its in an office or at a restaurant or anywhere else,can become "heated"...however,in a closed space such as a cockpit,its a different must have been really something personally serious like money owed, or an affair with someones wife, or the like, for the captain to say no way, im turning the plane around,and inconveniencing you folks on board bacause i am angry..whatever the issue, this is more than unprofessional a behaviour,and despite the need for qualified pilots at this time, both of these people should be fired..


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