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Ukraine Crisis: Wizz Air Abu Dhabi’s Russia Return Was A Mistake From The Get-Go

With Wizz Air backtracking on the return to Russia using its Abu Dhabi subsidiary to get past sanctions, this was a mistake from the get-go. Welcome to The Editor's Corner. ( More...

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DracoVolantis 4
The only time I had heard of Wizz Air before, was a news article back in June along the lines of "Wizz Air CEO Tells Pilots To Fly Fatigued". The leadership of this company definitely lacks a moral compass.

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mark robinson 3
Looking at your profile, it appears you hold an ATPL!
Given the general standard of your grammar, your unhinged ravings and wacky conspiracy theories, I'm amazed if you still hold a licence. I just sincerely hope I never take a flight with you up front...
djames225 17
A: Pleases take off that tin foil hat before your brain completely becomes a vacuum.
B: It's non of Putin's business what Ukraine does. He is in charge of Russia, not Ukraine.
C:This is an aviation forum, not a chest thumping ground for a squirmy little "Bleep" intials V.P.
jbqwik 8
How was this strategy ever going to work-out long term? Greed trumps common sense?
sparkie624 4
My feelings exactly.. Wrong in so many different ways


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