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'You Harassed an Entire Flight:' Southwest Airlines' Ukulele Marketing Stunt Is Getting Mixed Reviews

Southwest Airlines joined forces with Guitar Center to give passengers en route to Hawaii a taste of what's to come on their tropical vacation. Passengers flying out of Long Beach, Calif., were met with a ukulele and a tropical-theme protective case on each seat as they bored the flight, according to photos shared by the airline via Twitter on Tuesday. They were also given a short lesson on how to play. ( More...

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linbb 1
It seems that some reviews did even result from people on the plane so to post that is not quite true it seems. I read two and no more both were NOT ON THAT FLIGHT

Greg S 1
Alex says: "As someone with sensory processing issues related to noise, I would literally have been bent double in my seat, arms over my head, sobbing, and having a panic attack."
If that were true then Alex would even get on that plane because a 737, particularly during takeoff and climb out, is not quiet. Walking through the airport with all the random sounds would put Alex into a coma. If he does fly then he has hearing protection which would also protect him against the ukulele sounds. Alex is full of shit.
Greg S 1
"... Alex would even get on that plane..." that should be "wouldn't" obviously.


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