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Air Canada to acquire 15 additional Airbus A220-300 jets

MONTREAL, CANADA — Air Canada today announced that it had converted options for 15 Airbus A220-300 aircraft into firm orders, bringing to 60 the total number of the Canadian-built aircraft it will acquire for its fleet. ( More...

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Ellen Jacobs 3
Great news. I flew LGA to YUL two weeks ago and it was superb experience. The2-3 seating with wider seats and lots of room in overhead bins most welcome. Very quiet aircraft,confortable. Hope more A220-300 will continue to serve more routes. Best flight in years.
Alan Dahl 2
Excellent! I flew SEA-YUL on an AirCanada A220 this July and it was a great experience. The 2-3 seating means fewer middle seats and wider seats as well. Overhead bin space was great so I carried on rather than risk the mess that was baggage handling at YUL this summer. Short of a long deal departing YUL because of lack of ground crew and weather delays it was quite enjoyable.
bentwing60 1
Like someone here said long ago, they will sell like Hotcakes, but only the 300, the 100 is the bait for bashing the 737, a320 market and it is working for ab!

P.S., its a great airplane, who knew?
bentwing60 1


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