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No injuries after emergency landing at KGRR

A Delta jet had to return to KGRR after experiencing an engine issue. ( More...

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"There are two primary engines on planes". Where is this reporter coming from, different aircraft have different engine configurations!
Bayouflier 2
You mean, as opposed to the secondary engines.
Rick D 2
It was a precautionary landing, not an emergency landing. Selling headlines, I guess
bentwing60 2
Major overkill on the title there , don't you think. Oh the horror, they landed safely!
Greg S 2
"No thermonuclear explosions after emergency landing at KGRR".
John Kiger 1
Probably just a compressor stall…
sparkie624 1
They really returned to the Field declaring an emergency over a "Compressor Stall"? And why is this even news!
Bayouflier 1
If one takes off from GRR and flies 30 minutes in any direction, how is it possible that GRR is still the nearest suitable. Just sayin....


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