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United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Flying From Los Angeles International Airport To Sydney Makes Emergency Landing In American Samoa

Passengers onboard a United Airlines flight bound for Sydney from Los Angeles will likely miss ringing in the New Year in Australia. The flight, which departed Thursday evening, was scheduled to arrive in Sydney on the morning of New Year’s Eve, but the crew onboard the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner reported a mechanical issue mid-flight, prompting a diversion to Pago Pago, American Samoa. Initial data indicated the plane was scheduled to depart 40 minutes after being diverted; however, according to… ( More...

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Mel Globerman 2
Yes-- the 787 only has 2 engines, so shutting down one engine will only leave one remaining engine, not 3!!!
avionik99 -5
Possible engine oil leak? Why not shut it down and continue on with 3 engines? It is fully capable of doing that right?
pjshield 3
2 (-) 1 = 1


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