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Detla Engine Fire on takeoff/abort at John Wayne

A Delta Air Lines flight departing John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, aborted takeoff Tuesday afternoon after an engine fire. The Boeing 757-200 operating as Delta flight 447 ( More...

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Bayouflier 2
"engine maintenance issue", those PR people crack me up.
Sorak 1
Calling this an aborted takeoff is really pushing that definition. This had barely started rolling and plane hadn't even cleared the taxi way markings. You could hear that the engine was totally dead too, spooled right down. What I don't know is why the guy decided to hide his phone at that point. You want to keep filming. It's not like he had done anything wrong.
avionik99 1
Delta states the engine had maintenance issues? Really? Blaming maintenance right off the bat are we?
Sorak 1
Well at least they didn't land short of the runway.
djames225 1
Sorry mate, but I have never heard of Detla airlines. Is it a new startup?
mwlong 1
patrick baker -1
a little test of your airline awareness: plus a little scrabble test as well. What airline has the following letters: d,e,t,l, and a, and flies the 757 ???


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