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Russian Airbus A320 Makes Forced Landing In A Field

Ural Airlines Airbus A320 made an emergency landing in a field near Kamenka, Russia, after a hydraulic failure and fuel concerns. The aircraft suffered damage to the gear and wings, but all 165 people onboard, including passengers and crew, were safely evacuated. Aviation authorities launched an investigation, and a criminal case was opened for violating air transport safety regulations. On September 12, 2023, an Ural Airlines Airbus A320 operating a domestic flight from Sochi (AER) to Omsk… ( More...

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pilotjag 9
This is the second time a Ural jet had to ditch in a field. The first time, an A321 experienced a birdstrike on takeoff and ended up ditching in a field. Everyone survived that incident as well. Ural pilots must be very skilled if this kind of event can be pulled off not once but twice. While understanding it's a different pilot group each incident
Glider pilots perhaps?
Daniel Griscom 5
Practice makes perfect.
Alan Hewat 9
Kamenka is ~20 km North-east of Novosibirsk, so they overshot with enough fuel. Whatever the hydraulic failure it should have been safer to land at an airport rather than in a field. Perhaps they were not up to date with payment of their landing rights :-)
Alan Hewat 8
BBC photos show the plane in the field, apparently undamaged apart from the undercarriage. Amazing that an A320 can survive such a rough landing, and that bthe crew managed it so well
Alan Dahl 3
A 737 (TACA 110) landed on a levee in New Oreleans with no damage, these airplanes are tougher than you think.
Frank Barrett 1
There are several Komenkas in Russia.
sharon bias 8
According to the BBC, the plane has already been cut up for removal. It won't go to waste since Ural needs the parts to keep their other planes flying.
Greg S 4
Well, it had to be the fuel issue that forced the crew to choose a field to land. Perhaps the hydraulic failure meant a lot of the shorter runway options were no longer possible and the nearest suitable runway was too far away.
boughbw 5
Point taken, but when does a field become preferable to an airport with a runway that is perhaps too short?
Alan Dahl 0
I'd take the field in that case, no chance of overrun then.
Lee Withers 5
From what was said the plane was not theirs as they had not returned it so to them what happens not their loss. Be interesting to see if the lease company attempts to sue.
Greg S 4
It'll get resolved when the f_cking war is over. The leasing companies will have to be made whole, I'm sure Russia understands this no matter what they actually say officially.
sparkie624 4
To Heck with the plane... At least everyone survived. Instead of cutting it up... they should gave trucked it out of there... A heavy loss, but could not have happened to a better group!
Anyone flying in Russian owned and operated aircraft are putting themselves at risk. Huge parts shortage and like drunk maintenance techs'.
jmilleratp 7
Couldn't happen to a "better" country.
Civilian flight.
Robert Mack 1
Obviously you’ve never been to Russia - it’s a beautiful country and many of its citizens want nothing more than a better life for their children and grandchildren like many of us. In 2001 my son met me in Beirut for a theee-week tour of the middle-east. Our flight from Sharm to Cairo was on a Russian carrier -during cruise the Captain invited us to the flightdeck and I was impressed by their professionalism and kindness - it was one of the memories I often reflect back on because my son was killed a year later. Regardless of one’s obvious feelings for a country’s leader nationalism, culturalism, and respect/empathy for humanity are traits some of us attempt to incorporate in our relationships. Life is tough and, my friend, it isn’t going to get easier. Respectfully …
Alex K 3
things have changed since 2001, sir.
Michael Dealey 0
Brainwashed people who actually think the news is giving you facts.
Wait until you find out that Russia has never been the problem. It's much, much closer to home.
Alex K 6
I'm Ukrainian. Tell me all about Russia, yes please, Western man.
Michael Dealey 1
Just because you're Ukrainian doesn't mean you know what's going on. People right here in America don't know what the hell is going on with their own government either. Same for England, Germany, Italy, etc. We all have the same fake news organizations in our respective countries as you do. They're all controlled by the same people.

And please don't misconstrue this to imply I think Putin is a saint (a typical assumption).
But more to the point with regard to Robert's post -- you're blaming the everyday person for the actions of politicians. The politicians are almost always the problem. Not the people.
Robert Mack -1
Thank you, Mr Dealy - I admire your wisdom….
Joe Keifer 2
Had it been a Tupelov the outcome would have been entirely different and why did the refer to the Airbus as being Russian?
Edward Bardes 2
It was being flown by a Russian airline.
boughbw 1
In Rossia, bus fly you.
James New 5
This Airbus A320 was stolen from Irish leasing company Aercap. "The dildo of consequences seldom arrives lubed." Who said that sanctions don't work?
Joe Keifer 4
A Sully-like landing on land. Nicely done!
Bob Harrington 3
Soon to be a blockbuster thriller - "Miracle on the Back Forty"
boughbw 3
The decisions being made in Russia are distasteful in every way. Was this the result of deferred maintenance? The implication is that this could be the result of the sales and parts embargo on Russia. Not that any participants in the embargo bear responsibility for the choices made by Russia that jeopardize the flying public and aviators. But it seems they may be getting lucky and the luck may soon be running out.
rbt schaffer 2
Guess they consider that a good landing. They can now strip it for parts to fix the other ones they stole from western lessors
Wonder how it would have ended with single pilot operation, or AI only operation?
Ken Jackson 1
It seems to be a result of the pilots not calculating fuel reserves correctly, given continued flight with gear door open
Gregg Bender 1
I don't think you're supposed to go barnstorming in an Airbus...just sayin'.
Hydraulic Falure? Why then are the slats and flaps extended for the off airport landing?


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