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Saving Saarinen. The Fate of JFK's Famous TWA Terminal

Now in Ask the Pilot: Construction continues on Eero Saarinen's famous "Flight Center" at Kennedy Airport. A boutique hotel maybe isn't the best fate for such a historic building, but it beats demolition. ( Mehr...

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dbkoob 1
I still dont know how a boutique hotel would work their you got noisy busy roads with lights shining into the glass building all night long. Also, the top floor rooms will have direct views of the active tarmac. Why is this not a security threat?
dbkoob 1
Also instead i wished they saved the original PAN AM building instead it would be much bigger as well as being able to build block barriers around it to protect from direct access to the tarmac
Roy Hunte 1
Correct terminology would be 'ramps' not 'tarmac' just sayin'.


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